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Valentina (Lilia Cabral) will cultivate the fact that she is accused by Judith (Isabella Garcia) of being the perpetrator of all the bad things that happen in Saro Azul. The mysterious governess of Seventh Watchman / Will do the settling of accounts with Madame after the death of Audina (Anna Beatrice Nogira).

The scene, in the source cave of the nine-star novel, will be on Tuesday (30). The maid will look at the tank without water. Valentina Come and stand beside you. "You know you're guilty of everything, are not you?" Jewish, out of nowhere.

The former businesswoman would ask what she was talking about. "From everything that happened here after her arrival," the housekeeper's answer. "Maybe you're giving me some importance in this story I do not have," Valentina replied.

"She has, yes … that's all! You've changed the font forever," continues Isabella Garcia's character. Valentina says that it was the source that changed her life when she was young with dreams and intended to marry Agadeo (Antonio Calloni). "He had a mission to fill," said Judith.

"Years later, my son will marry too, and what will happen, everything repeats itself, and the source takes it from me," Madame will stand up. "Gabriel [Bruna Gagliasso] We had to fulfill this task as well, "says the housekeeper.

The maid would want to know if she was still thinking of a profit from the original and would repeat that Valentina with her ambitions, her selfishness, the unhealthy desire to control everything, including the fate of her son, angered everyone in the city.

Valentina (Lilia Cabral) will try to make the maid accept that she is also a victim in a novel

Summary of chapters

Monday, 29/4 (Chapter 145)
Hazel cares about Andina. Giandro walks behind the bus where Lord Maria is. Valentina looks for Olavo. Luciana warns Sampaio about the death of Ondina. Hazel arrives at the cabaret and is excited to see her mother's body. Valentina takes care of Gabriel. Diana gives up coaching, and Aphrodite talks to Walid.

Rivera talks to Nicholas about the trip to the US Geandro meets the bus with Lord Maria, and Merylda suspects Yuriko's behavior.Jean is looking for Hazel. Gabriel goes to the cabaret and is saddened to see Jules comfort Hazel.

Tuesday, 30/4 (Chapter 146)
Gabriel tries to talk to Hazel, but he is blocked by Jr.. Murillo is arguing with Gabriel about Hazel, and Judith hears the conversation. A Niccolo mug. Giandro asks Maria Lord in marriage. Bebeto suggests that Diana escape with Walid. Mirtes tries to discover a crystal ball hinting at some of the murders.

Jurandir looking for Mirtes. Olavo and Sampaio talk about sabotaging the water reservoir. Lore pays Louise for her services. Yehudit accuses Valentina of all the events in Sergio Azul. Nicholas grabs Diana with Walid.

Fourth, 1/5 (Chapter 147)
Nicolao argues with Walid and has bad luck after the battle. Everyone in town complained about the stench of water. Diana runs away from home. Marcus Paolo promises that he knows what happened to the water in the city. Diana asks for help from Hazel, who is trying to hide the girl from Stanislas. Nicolao and Aphrodite complain about Diana's disappearance. Walid denounces his proposal for his sister. Hazel asks for help from Jr.. Sustans reveals that Hazel hides Diana.

Fifth, 2/5 (Chapter 148)
Hazel tries to persuade Sustans not to tell Diana about Nicholas. Olbo explains his plan to Eurico. Geandro decides to tell Olbo that he is going to marry Lord Maria. Gabriel, Morillo, Marcos Paolo, Valentina and Judith are trying to discover Olbo's plans. And next to an assistant at the kiosk, and Nicholas feels bad again.

Sustans tells Aphrodite about Diana, and Nicholas hears the conversation. Rivalda identifies with Walid. Nicolao and Bhutto change aggression. Aphrodite finds Diana. Walid sees his stomach crying in the square. Marilada tells Olavo's plans for Valentina.

Friday, 3/5 (Chapter 149)
Marilida demands from Valentina payment for information about Olavo. Bebeto finds a way to communicate with his father. Jr. does not let Nicholas get close to the House of Sustans. Aphrodite makes a decision after talking to Diana. Mirtes gets the dress of Elisa.

Laura suggests that Olabo appoint Sampaio to be the city's new mayor. Aranha receives a message, marking a meeting in the cabaret. Hazel has a feeling. Marcos Paolo is concerned about Valentina's behavior. Valentina Gabriel questions about the source alarm system access.

Saturday, 4/5 (Chapter 150)
Valentina decides to follow the tunnel to the house. Nicolao can not concentrate on work because of Bebeto. Louise hears Marcus Paolo telling Morillo the conversation she had with Valentina. With the help of Yehudit, Gabriel and Murilo discover Valentina's whereabouts. Sampaio grabs Valentina at the entrance to the tunnel.

Gabriel and Morillo surrender by Olavo when they arrive at the house. Nicolau takes care of his mouth. Mirtes sees the image of a spider on a crystal ball. The spider arrives at the cabaret and drinks whiskey on which he has left Edmaster. Olbu orders Sampioio to stop Valentina.

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