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Huawei without Android? The Chinese brand is losing its partnership with Google


I disagree RelationshipBetween Huawei and the United States wins a blunt new chapter. According to Reuters, which received information from a well-informed source operating within the US technology giant, Google has suspended commercial activity with the Chinese manufacturer, and this move has an immediate impact.

In fact, from now on, the company's smartphones will immediately lose access to Android OS updates, and the next round of devices outside the Chinese territory will not have access to popular Google applications and services, such as the Play Store and Gmail, for example.

Huawei P30 Pro and P30 Lite are not

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This change affects the number of devices launched by the brand, including recently Huawei P30 Lite and Huawei P30 Pro, whose sales began on the national territory this week. Other devices such as Huawei Mate 20 Pro and other versions will also lose security updates.

The move followed the announcement by the US Department of Commerce that on Wednesday put the Chinese manufacturer on a black business list with 68 other companies following an executive order signed by President Donald Trump.

ZTE, with which the state maintains stormy relations, has been on this list and has since been removed. With this embargo, Huawei must not buy parts and components of companies from the United States without the approval of the federal government, and this includes the Android system.

Huawei responded to Trump's government after the announcement:

Huawei is the undisputed leader in 5G. We are ready and willing to discuss with the US government and offer effective measures to ensure the safety of the product.Indicate Huawei from doing US business in making the US safer or stronger; instead, only to limit the US lower expensive alternatives , To leave the country behind in the implementation of 5G and finally to undermine the interests of US companies and consumers .In addition, unreasonable restrictions violate the rights of the Hwai and raise other serious legal issues.

Earlier for in-depth analysis of the effects of this limitation, but undoubtedly affects the Chinese company plans to reach the top ranking of the world's largest smartphone manufacturers. The company is now hurting Apple in second place – the Samsung leader in South Korea – and the ban on using Google's system affects the company's business, especially at a time when it is facing global expansion and reinstating operations in Brazil and other markets.

It is worth mentioning that the company said on other occasions be prepared to deal with such situations. HiSilicon, its chip division, said it is ready for any ban, while the smartphone division said it has been preparing for six years or more for every Android embargo.

Honor, a subsidiary of Huawei, has an event scheduled for May 21 (Tuesday) when it launches 20 honors. There is still no information on whether the event will take place or be postponed.

An old battle

Huawei and the United States have been fighting for some time. The Chinese brand was accused of spying by the Trump government, which says its 5G equipment provides surveillance doors headed by the Chinese Communist Party and warned several countries – including Brazil – and some have banned the company from running, such asAustralia,Great Britain,New ZealandandNorway.The Chinese technology giant has always denied the charges.

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