Tuesday , May 11 2021

Huawei's superzoom mobile phone raises doubts about privacy infringement

Until recently, creating a good image of a remote object involved using a professional lens and some skill as a photographer. New smartphones can change this scenario: the Huawei P30 Pro, has 50x digital zoom – one of the most powerful in the market. More than just a powerful camera, the device also brings software that improves image quality, avoiding common blurring of other cellular images and zoom.

Along with innovation, however, the smartphone raises doubts about privacy. After all, the same zoom picks up the user of his idol on the monitor and can be used to spy on the neighbor – as a contemporary version of what is happening in Alfred Hitch's window. In Europe, the P30 Pro is sold for € 999 – the price for Brazil has yet to be revealed. According to photographers consulted by Country, A professional telephoto lens that allows zoom similar to that of a smartphone – but with excellent image quality – cost from $ 2,500 r.

"The issue of superzoom on the cell phone is not avoided by the debate that already exists on the drone or on the television, the difference is only in access to this type of technology, which will not be limited," says Carlos Afonso Suza, director of the Institute of Technology Society (ITS).

Today there is no specific law on zooming mobile phone. The existing protection in cases of privacy violation with superzoom is the right image, the same rule is applied when someone releases an unwanted image of another person on the Internet.

binoculars. Applying a similar rule to cell phones will be impossible: it will not prevent people from walking with cell phones on the street. "It would be easier to close the screen to protect yourself from the neighbor," says Denis Antonieli, director of technological research and the law firm of Internet Lab.

For photographer Fabricio Vianna, who specializes in pictures of shows and nightclubs, the evolution of technology can create complex situations. "Today, there are cases of photographers who use zoom" at night "to see a neck," he says. "Giving such a tool to anyone can be dangerous."

Searched Country, Huawei said she believes that "innovation and digital technology contribute to the photographic experiences of consumers, always in accordance with current laws and the label of social behavior"

There are still people who worry about the second chapter of this story: the use of cameras to identify faces. "If zoom has a facial recognition mechanism, it will violate the law," says Antonialli of the Internet Lab.

This is an important point: In addition to manufacturing mobile phones, Huawei is also one of the leading companies in security technology for governments. In addition, the company is accused by a number of spy states in favor of the Chinese government, which the company vigorously denies.


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