Tuesday , August 9 2022

In Paraná, Goiás loses Curitiba and becomes involved in the fight for access


In the Brazilian championship series there is no easy game. Even without a chance of access, Curitiba, who only meet the table, beat the Goias 1-0 at the Couto Pereira Stadium in Curitiba for the 36th round and before and after a complicated opponent in the fight for space of the G4 – Access Group.

The home team reached 49 points and is still without any major goals in the competition, since there is no risk of a drop, and there is no chance of returning to the first division. Goias, with 57, is third placed and looked for victory to unlock an advantage within the G4, but was surprised. The fans Esmeraldina now cheer against two teams that still play it Saturday: Avaí, the fourth placed with the same result and two fewer wins (17 to 15), and Londrina, with three points down.

The first half was busy and Curitiba, even without big goals in the game, was better. The game was open and both teams were in danger against the opposing goal, but it was the home team that created the best opportunities.

At the top, 30 minutes in, Aleksandro was almost looking forward to make an score. He got inside and got on goalkeeper Marcus, but the ball ran away, without an angle, completed his head and hit the beam.

In the second half, Curitiba's superiority was eventually translated into a goal. 27 minutes into the match, Rafael Lima came close to leveling the score with a shot from over on the left.

In the last few minutes, Goiás tried to respond and look for the drawing, but failed to show the good football of the other rounds. Even with the offensive exchanges promoted by coach Nay Franco, with records of the socks Ranto Cajá and Rafinha, the visiting team has not demonstrated a tactical organization to press on the opponent.

Curitiba returns to the field on Tuesday, when they face Punta Prata, at the Mosis Lucarelli Stadium in Campinas (SP), in the 37th and last round. The Goiás only plays the next day (Saturday) against the West, at Arena Barueri, in Barueri (SP).

Technical Data Sheet

Curitiba 1 x 0 GOISS

Curitiba – Raphael Martinez; Lyndro Silva, Raphael Lima, Alan Costa and Avner (William Matthaus); Vittor Carbello, Wellington Simeo (Julius Roche), Matthias Bueno and his cockers; Gilera Pardo (Pablo) and Alexandru. Coach: Allegro Pax.

Goias – Marcus; Alex Silva, Victor Ramos, David Duarte and Arendez; Gilberto, and Bunny (Reneto Cagha) and Felipe Gadduz (Madison); Maranhão (Rafinha), Lucão and Michael. Coach: Nay Franco.

Gal – Rafael Lima, 27 minutes in the second half.

Yellow cards – Avner, Vitor Carvalho and Velu Roche (Curitiba); (Goias).

Referee – Jean Pierre Gonçalves Lima (RS).

Revenue and Public – Not Available.

Local – Cotto Ferreira Stadium, Curitiba (PR).

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