Tuesday , March 2 2021

Increases the number of positive cases of Dengi in Katmandu by 50%

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The number of positive cases of Dengi in Katmandu increased by 50% in 2018. However, the city of Feitiço is at risk of outbreak of the disease. The connection is with the same period of 2017, when the city announced 45 cases of dengue. The information is from the municipal health department, which warns about the treatment. Because of the increase, the folder is promoting an awareness campaign in health care and hospitals.
The goal is to conduct a fight against Aedes aegypti Aedes, a mosquito responsible for the transfer of dengue, Zika virus and chikungunya fever. The ministry has already warned the population about the increase in the number of dengue cases in the second half of the year.
"The mobilization includes the municipality of Catandoba, through the Municipal Health Department, the Pedro Albino Foundation, through Emilio Carlos and Padre Albino Hospitals, Unimed Hospital, São Domingos and Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, by bringing together efforts to attract attention to simple attitudes toward mosquitoes. Offers a reflection on personal and collective responsibility, which begins with the cleaning of houses and backyards, and leads to changes in behavior in the neighborhood. "
The garbage is sent to the general population and asks the families to allow the Andimia agents to enter the houses for the purpose of the examination.
"The test is designed to eliminate any type of material that can accumulate water," he says.
In the last LIRAA (rapid survey of spread by Aedes aegypti) registered index Catanduva at 4.2%, where WHO suffers 1%. In July, the city had already recorded 2.1% and the case was already alert.
"The current scenario of the municipality indicates the risk of mosquito spread, which is a reflection of the number of larvae found in real estate surveyed, which reached 4.2%, much higher than that tolerated by the World Health Organization, which sets a limit of 1%. In 2015, a dengue epidemic hit Catanduva. At that time, the city recorded 10,714 cases and 36 people died as a result of the disease, "recalls Health.
Telephone operator Sílvia Leite called the regional office to talk about the concern about the increase in dengue cases.
"I've had Dengi in the year 2015 and I do not want to take it anymore, I'm scared by increases in dengue cases.I think everyone should do some of them.I'm taking care of my yard but are everyone working? I'm very scared, Dengi is not a joke, As I already have Dengi, if I catch it again, the case is even more serious, I'm afraid to think, let's cooperate, "Sylvia says.

Carla Cibro
Local reporting

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