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Manchester City striker is approaching to be away from the next Champions League


UEFA said on Thursday that the head of the CFCB (CFCB), the head of the CFCB, had decided to investigate whether Manchester City's financial game could collapse.To the entity's jury chamber, Civilians Will have to answer the case and the new sector will be responsible for assessing the penalty.

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"The chief investigator of the CFCB, after consultation with the other members of the Independent Commission of Inquiry of the CFCB, decided to refer Manchester City FC to the CFCB Bench of Chambers upon the conclusion of its investigation," he said. Says a note published. "UEFA will not respond to this until a decision by the CFCB Bureau," he said.

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The investigation against the city opened on March 7, 2019 due to possible violations of the Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations, which were exposed in the various media. The main violation would be to provide false information about sponsorship contracts. In response, the club said he was disappointed, but "unfortunately not surprised" with the decision.

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"Manchester City are absolutely confident of a positive outcome when the issue is considered by an independent legal body.The charge of financial irregularities is still completely false, and the systemic advice of the CFCB ignores a comprehensive set of irrevocable evidence by Manchester City City FC home ", written on the website of the social networks of the English club. In addition, the comment states that the decision "contains errors, misinterpretations and confusion resulting from a basic lack of due process."

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