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Married, Isis Valverde causes being caught in an intimate scene with the husband; Check out the photos – TV Spotlight

Isis Valverde caught kissing with the beloved (Photo: Reproduction)

Isis Valverde The unidentified man kisses her lover on the beach of Barra da Tico, in Rio de Janeiro, on Saturday (27). The brunette took advantage of the sun-washed day, which she took in the river to take this bronze and enjoy the outbreak of romance. She will return to the big screen of Globo, in Mother's love novel, which still has no release date.

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Easygoing, Isis and Elbarda, was not worried about the clicks made and kissed the thickness in front of everyone. With the bikini contained, the brunette still hit the ball with the beloved. They exchanged a few kisses and looked happy.

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Recently, Isis Valverde surprised the fans by exposing an unfamiliar friendship with Mariana Ximenes nicely. She posted a message to her friend and said: "Your beautiful friend, totosa and TALENTOSA! Congratulations on my blond love, you only come in daylight and always! Everything knows that I am here for you!
Thanks for always being whole to me. Love ya @ marixioficial.

Isis Valverde (Photo: Dilson Silva / AgNews)

Isis is caught with the husband (Photo: Silva Dilson / AgNews)

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He had to shake off the son

Isis Valverde Was approached by the television crew Pema recently at an event in Sao Paulo and questioned about the absence of her son Rale, only three months. The actress was very excited to say that it would be the first night she would spend without her son.

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"My husband called me with him, so I said 'Hey Ben.' Then he started to cry and I said, & # 39; Turn it off & # 39;"Said the actress, who spoke more:Mother's love transcends all boundaries. People have mania to put their heart in the mean of love. But I think it comes from the soul. It crosses the physical body and goes to the wind"He added.

Andre Resanda and Izzy Valberde leaving the maternity hospital with their son, Rael (Photo: Wallace Barbosa / Aga News)
André Resende and ssis Valverde leave the maternity hospital with their son, Rael
(Photo: Wallace Barbosa / Ag News)

It is worth remembering that the actress married model Andre Resende and is preparing to return to air in November. She will play a prominent role in the novel of Nine Amore de Ma, which marks the debut of the author Manuela Dias in the band's nine television Globo and also features Taís Araújo, Murilo Benício and Regina Casé cast.

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