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Marvell has plans for the future in the theaters


During the Q & A session Reddit, Kevin Feiga Noted that Marvel Studios Plans for the next five years and beyond A comic book)

"We usually work with a specific five-year plan at each stage, but usually we have a general plan that goes far", Explained the president of the studio.

The great expectation of the fans today is the announcement of Stage 4, which is scheduled to take place in August during the conference D23. While there have been movies guaranteed, like Black Panther, The audience expects ads that include the X-Men and the Fantastic Four.

In Omelista below we are talking about 8 long-been confirmed post-The Avengers: The Ultimatum /You

The Avengers: The Ultimatum / He's in theaters and has already hit some POS records – Check the numbers here.

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