Monday , June 27 2022

Negative name in SPC / Serasa entered positive list? Learn!


Positive and SPC / Serasa registration T Positive registration Comes to appreciate the consumer more and more personally. This is because accounts paid in the days will also be considered, and companies will be able to assess their payment history more fairly. However, who is SPC and Serasa Can include the name contained in it registration? to understand.

Even with limitation in SPC / Serasa it is possible to have a positive registration?

Negativado in SPC / Serasa can include the name included in the positive registration? See
Negativado in SPC / Serasa can include the name included in the positive registration? See

Yes, the consumer can get his Positive registration, Even if it has the name denied by credit protection agencies like SPC / Serasa.

To join, you must access the Sarasa site. Another option is to go to one of the agencies of Sarasa Aspirian, thus presenting the source of the ID card.

With the name of cadastre, the consumer can have a history of good payer, ensuring better rates for loans and financing.

According to what was presented, the more information the consumer has on his records, the less uncertainty about his financial habits.

Information available in Cadastre

Credit information, such as loans, financing and credit reports, will be included in the register. In addition, consumer accounts such as water, gas, electricity and landline telephone can also be used as a reference.

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However, cell phone data does not enter this process. However, in any case, information about purchased items does not enter the report. Only the value of the plots.

Who will use the consumer information in the positive register?

They will have access to the history of commercial paid accounts, banks, financiers and service providers in general. Companies will have access to the following information:

  • Loans taken;
  • Credit card invoices;
  • Date of acquisition and financing;
  • Payment dates;
  • Value of lots;
  • Quantity of packages;
  • The accuracy with which they were paid;
  • Cadastral data (CPF, address, and contacts).

Who is not in the positive register will be any loss?

It should be noted that the purpose of Positive registration It is useful, not harming the consumer.

If he asks registration, The companies that give you credit will have access to less information on your profile. For example, the existence of negative debts or not.

This increases the possibility of the company giving credit with higher interest rates, since they only know the bills that the consumer has not paid.

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