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Opponent Felipão reencontra's debut could be a Brazilian champion

The 2018 year has everything to be special for Louise Felipe Scolari, who restored Brazilian football lead Palmeiras towards the leadership of the Brazil Championship and the upcoming national title, which can be crowned next Wednesday at Allianz Parque. And in the middle of the road, only Latin America, the opponent of the 35th round, can symbolize two significant moments in the experienced coach.

It was against the rabbit, on August 5, that Felipão did the re-screening for the Palmeiras. In the year of independence, the Gauche was on the edge of the field for the first time since it was announced at the end of the previous month and left the Minas Grais with a 0-0 draw that could have made a victory if Anne had converted the marked penalty in favor of Verdão still in the first stage.

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At that time, Palmeiras still lived with attention divided between Brazilian, Copa do Brasil and Libertadores. The game included only two starters, goalkeeper Weberton and midfielder Moisés, and marked the beginning of what will be the "B" team used by the coach only in the competition of points. With a draw, today's championship leader reached his 27th point and faced the G-4.

Since then, Verdão has come a long way towards the Brazilian's first place, especially after the Brazilian Cup elimination for champion Cruzeiro and the Libertadores for the final Boca Jénérés. Gradually, the team headed by Felipão not only maintained the lead but also managed to minimize stumble, as happened against Atletico Mineiro and more recently, with the Paraná lantern.

For Wednesday's duel, the circumstances are completely different, and the moment is also in relation to the coach's premiere. The game, now, could be worth the title to Scolari and his commanders, since they beat the Coelho and reliant on the stumble of Internacional and Flamengo, who measure forces with Atlético Mineiro and Gramo, respectively.

With a 71-point mark, Palmeiras depends only on himself to win the national championship, and if he does not approve it on Wednesday, he will have the opportunity to crown him in San Januario next Sunday against Vasco da Gama. Something common to the two following opponents, incidentally, is the situation in the table, since both the Cariocas and the miners fight for the permanence of the elite.

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