Thursday , October 6 2022

PF appointed deputy governor of the MG and Joesley Batista in an investigation into the alleged scheme in Minas Grass Agriculture


Deputy Governor of MG, Antonio Andrade (MDB), the directors of JBS Joesley Battista Demilton de Castro and Vice-Joao Magalhães (MDB-MG) were arrested on Friday (9) in this operation investigates alleged program of corruption in the Ministry of Agriculture during the government of President Rousseff Dilemma ).

PF also search the Andrade office. In total, 63 search and seizure warrants and 19 temporary arrest warrants were issued in the regional federal court of the first district in Minas, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Niro, Paribas and Mato Grosso do Sul.

The operation, an extension of Lava Jato, is called Capitu and is based on the contribution of Doiroiro Lúcio Funaro, appointed as an MDB operator.

According to investigations, there was a plan to collect tips at the Ministry of Agriculture in favor of MDB politicians who received money from JBS, owned by Joesley brothers Wesley Batista, in exchange for measures in favor of the group companies.

In addition to the deputy governor and PF managers detained, Demilton Antonio de Castro, who is responsible for organizing a file with 9,000 data from illegal financial transactions made by JBS, the so-called "edge board".

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