Saturday , March 6 2021

Punta hits Curitiba, arrives at the G4 for the first time in Serie A and sees a closer approach

Ponte Preta is the newest member of Brazilian series B of G4 (Access Zone). The Campinas team took temporary and temporary leadership by beating Curitiba 2-0 at the Moisés Lucarelli Stadium on Tuesday night in the penultimate round of the competition. A meteoric rise, with a draw and seven wins in the last games, added 22 points in 24 contested.

With the result, Ponte Preta now has 59 points and can only be surpassed by two rivals in the fight for access, as CSA (59) and Avaí (57) face each other in the round. Goias has 57. Curitiba was parked in the tenth position, with 49.

Before approaching to gain access, Punta Preta entered the field with a clear intention of reaching G4. The Campinas team came early from the start and needed four minutes to open the scoring. Rowan put the ball back in defense, fired quickly, invaded the area and crossed. Lindero Silva tried to sneak into the wagon and finished with his goal.

The second narrow goal did not come in the next proposal. In a cross of Lucas Minero, Rowan appeared in the small area and charged at the target. Curitiba's response came with Gilharma Parda. The striker took Renan Fonseca's back and scored, but the referee's assistant signaled an obstacle.

The shock did not stop the black bridge from turning the other still in the initial stage. After 38 minutes, Victor Rangel's Matheus Vargas cut through the middle for Junior Santos. The striker controlled and groped for the goalkeeper Rafael Martins.

Curitiba returned better in the second half and put Even to work immediately. Yekinio risked the bomb to protect the goalkeeper. The bridge, on the other hand, decided to complicate itself. Zhao Wittor came in with the sole sole of Matthaeus Bueno and was eventually dragged.

With one player over, Jules Pax put Curitiba on the attack. The club had a ball but had trouble creating and did not do much to threaten Punta Perta, who almost scored the third goal in a free kick by Danilo Berlusos, defending by Rafael Martins.

In the final round, Punta Pre turns to my father on Saturday at 17:00 at Rascade Stadium in Florianopolis (SC). This is a direct confrontation to approach. The same day and hour, Curitiba takes the Fortaleza in Couto Pereira, in the capital of Paraná, just to meet the schedule.

Technical Data Sheet

Black Bridge 2 X 0 Curitiba

Black Bridge – Ivan; Rouen, Reginaldo, Renan Fonseca and Danilo Barcelo; Wau Vittor, Lucas Miniro and Matthias Vargas (Roberto); Andre Lewis (Hory), Victor Rangel (Nathan) and Santos Jr.. Technical: Gilson Klein.

Curitiba – Raphael Martinez; Lyndro Silva, Raphael Lima, Alan Costa and William Matthews; Vitor Carbello, Wellington Symeo (Gillirama), Matthaeus Bueno (Natas Bluso) and Cecinio (Nathan); Gilhara Perda and Alexandru. Coach: Allegro Pax.

Gulls – Lindero Silva (against), at 4, and Jorge Santos, in 38 minutes of the first half.

Arbitrator – Ricardo Marks Ribeiro (MG).

YELLOW CARDS – Natan (Black Bridge); Gilharma and Rafael Lima (Curitiba).

Red card – João Vitor (Ponte Preta).

Revenue – R $ 131,560.00.

Public – 10,814 paying (11,684 attendees).

Local – Moisés Lucarelli Stadium, Campinas (SP).

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