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Redmi possible with Snapdragon 855 caught real photo with camera jumping


Updated (15/04/19) – by JS

After a few users were disappointed by the fact that the device that appeared in the video leaked earlier last week was not the next flag of Redmi with the 855 Snapdragon, but rather we were surprised today with a true smart picture.

If we see the details well, it seems that this device will be equipped with a camera that pops up, something that sows users of any kind of slot in the front, past some earlier rumors that talked about a gout crack coming in a mobile phone display.

Another small detail, but of great importance, is the presence of a 3.5 mm headphone jack, so there is no need to use port adapters charging, as with some top lines sold last two years.

Updated (12/04/19) – by GL

Earlier this week we saw a video that was supposed to be from a new device from Redmi, the long awaited model of the brand that disembodied from the Xiaomi motherboard and it should rely on the 855 Snapdragon processor.

Many were interested in the device, but unfortunately this is not a smart phone of the Chinese giant's subsidiary, but rather a future device of the iPhone, also China. The iPhone itself shared a video that shows more details about the model on its Facebook page. Check it:

Updated (09/04/19) – by GL

Taking the public by surprise, Xiaomi decided to dismantle one of its most famous lines and a separate brand. Redmi launched the market with the launch of RedMI Note 7.

Since then, a lot has been said on Redmi's Smartphone with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 shipped, which many believe to be the Redmi Pro 2. The brand itself has confirmed the existence of the device, and since some rumors have appeared, talk about possible device design.

Video leaked today goes against what was released, and displays a hole in the front camera front view, as seen in the Nova Huawei 4 and Samsung Galaxy S10, but in this case centers. Check it:

In addition, you can see the rear camera system located in the upper left corner, with LED flash just below, and fingerprint reader in the center.

No other specifications of the new smartphone are still released, nor is there a fixed date for the device authorization. So we have to wait for more news.

Original article (04/04/19)

Now independent, the Redmi brand has long been responsible for being synonymous with the mediator device within Xiaomi and this was reflected in the launch of its first smartphone in the global market, among which we can mention the Redmi Go and Advanced Redmi Note 7 Pro, which will only be available in China.

However, the brand has already made it clear that its goal is to get a line that serves the most diverse public, going from the basics with Android to the flagship with the 855 Snapdragon, something that has been officially confirmed by the brand, although it is expected that still takes time to happen.

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However, the wait may take less than we think given that recently, two new images have emerged directly hinted at the device, which can be called Redmi Pro 2.

This new device will be the first of the brand to gamble on the technology of the pop-up camera originally shown in NEX S live and that little by little has been present in the technology market, dodge slot variations until then present (which includes the hole on the screen).

In addition, it seems that he also confirmed that the device will be a generous feature Battery 4,800 mAh, Something very welcome to the flagship in view of the excellent consumption that these devices usually hold due to the overall power.

For now, there is no more information on the device, but considering the appearance of a picture of a smart phone in the same way near the brand manager Lei Jun, it would not be surprising if we have news coming soon from Redmi.

So what do you feel about the new device? Tell us your comments!

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