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RJ: nutritionist killed with knife blows by ex – husband in North


Fernanda Sikira, 29, was murdered there
In his old apartment, when they returned the apartment keys to the former partner and the main suspect

A nutritionist who was murdered by her ex-husband and Santa de Carvalho

Nutritionist Fernanda de Souza Siqueira, 29, was murdered with knife blows last Sunday (18), at Vicente de Carvalho, the northern area of ​​Rio de Janeiro. The main suspect in the case is her ex-husband, with Fernanda maintained a six-year relationship.

According to information written by Leonardo brother, RecordTV, Fernanda went to the house where she lived with her ex-husband to return the keys to the apartment. Upon his arrival, the victim was stabbed several times by his former companion.

The diet was taken by the neighbors of her old apartment to the government hospital of Gatolio Vargas in Penha, also in northern Rio. The victim did not object to the injuries and died on the spot.

The main suspect in the case is her ex-husband, who was to define the murder as a crime – a crime based on gender hatred.

Running away from the murder site, the suspect lost control of his car and climbed the BRT track, near the Marambia station, still in Vicente de Carvalho.

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Fernanda's ex-husband left the car after the accident and was not found until the end of the article.

The neighbors in Fernanda's apartment and her relatives testified on Sunday night and heard again on Monday (19).

The civilian police searched the suspect's car and announced in a statement that DH-Capital would be responsible for the incident. The security cameras in the building where Decker Fernanda will be used will be investigated.

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