Thursday , August 5 2021

Sofia Ibraho says to do couple therapy with Sergio from Helirus

Sophia Ibraho said she is doing couple therapy alongside her boyfriend, Sergio from Helios, with whom she has been in a relationship for more than six years. According to her, the joint meetings help to improve coexistence.

“Sergio started on TV when he was 5. He had therapeutic support from a very young age. I started about four or five years ago individually. But when you get married, there are the usual day-to-day challenges. So we also chose to do meetings as a couple to understand the dynamics of That’s, “the actress explained in an interview with Patricia Cogot’s column, from” O Globo. “

She continued: “There is always something that will fit, something that you can not explain and that with your help, becomes clearer for both of you. The cool thing is that couple therapy works best when you are healthy, when there is no conflict. It should not be just a means of extinguishing the fire. “Cool and important. I feel we have developed a lot.”

According to her, the house they share in Rio de Janeiro is one of the great achievements of both of them. “At the end of the year we will be seven years together. We have been in our second home for two years. We shared everything. We adopted it from the beginning. Sergio is a partner, not only love, but life. We have common achievements and grow professionally,” he celebrated.

She, who is going to take part in the “Super Danche dos Famousas”, praised the approach of Sergio, who was also part of the “Domingau do Faustau” committee (Globo). “He’s a partner, he gives me emotional support. He’s much calmer than me, focused and confident. So give it to me. When the choreography is already well oiled, we take pictures of ourselves to see at home. Then I send it to him, it gives Pitko.”

On the dance competition in Fausto’s show, Sofia celebrated: “(First participation) It was a very good moment in my life. I always say that, it’s a bit of a clich√©, but” Dansa “prepares for any challenge, because there is the pressure of a live broadcast. “I really like to practice and be confident when I’m going to do something. And the picture required concentration and anxiety control. It was a school for what came right after, the ‘video show’,” he stressed.

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