Thursday , May 13 2021

The best apps of the week for iPad and iPhone

Apps to make your IRS return, track your physical activity and make assemblies. Here are some more tips for our iOS list:

Free IR Screen Error for iOSApp IR without error Helps to make your income income tax. The application has space to organize and store the documents to declare before delivery they do IRPF analysis – this option costs $ 14.90 per year. Delivery closed on Monday, so you should check if not yet.

Download: IR No Error (Free)

Google Fit for iOS app screensOh Google Fit Now available for iPhones. The app has two goals: "Traffic minutes" and "heart points," which Google says, help build healthy, smarter habits throughout the day. The app gives you tips and helps you monitor your performance.

Download: Google Fit (free)

PicAlong app screens for iOSOh PicAlong Is an editor that helps you remove background backgrounds from your photos. You can take advantage of the feature to include other images or even use cut-make cards for WhatsApp. There are also filters and easy sharing options.

Download: PicAlong (Free)

CHOMP iOS app screensOh CHOMP Is an illustration and animation application to enjoy with children and friends. There are some designs and all you have to do is adjust the face of the person using the camera. There are many possibilities: a virtuoso pianist, a spaghetti bear and food, among others – are 50 scenes. You can record the jokes to share later.

Download: CHOMP (R $ 14,90)

PGA TOUR Golf Screenshots for iOSTiger Woods won only the golf championship and finished 11 years fast. If you keep an eye on the news and get excited about the model, you should download PGA Golf Tour – There are maps inspired by real fields and you can compete with people from all over the world.

Download: PGA TOUR Golf Shootout (Free)

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