Saturday , April 17 2021

The new BMW 3 Series, the star of the SP Lounge, will be sold and done in Brazil

The seventh generation of Iconic Sedan will be produced in Araquari (SC) with an investment of R 125 million

Only a month later To appear around the world at the Paris exhibition, The seventh generation of the BMW 3 Series came as a kind of surprise element of the German Sao Paulo Motor Show.

BMW has approved the launch of the model in the second semester of 2019 and has announced a $ 125 million investment in Arkary (SC) to produce it locally.

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The contribution will also be used to nationalize the production of mid-SUV SUV X4, and will be implemented specifically in the welding and painting sector.

While the complex Santa Catarina is not ready to cost three volumes, it is possible (not to say reasonably) that the manufacturer start sales through import from Germany.

What changes in series 3

Grows in almost any dimension – it's 8.5 inches longer in length, 1.6 inches wide in width, and another 4.1 inches in base wheels – Series 3 has been awarded to look more serious, inherited from cousin 7.

The front grille has become stronger and wider, with headlights whose light section at the base – surprisingly – is reminiscent of the latest models of the French Passeaux.

Traditional lighting has been double LED and was reinterpreted by both the front and third volume designers, the section that two stretched lanterns had two fully aligned dishes, forming the design of one rectangle.

LED shaped L-shaped guides were inspired by the X4, but also resemble Japanese and American Lexus models and even rival Mercedes-Benz cars. Laminated side windows are optional as well as the solar expansion. The aerodynamic coefficient is impressive 0.23 Cd.

Another great emphasis is on technological evolution. The new 3 – series features a 12.3 – inch digital media console center with a 10.25 – inch touch screen. – Hello, call Rotary! – Cognitive virtual assistant, adaptive cruise control with autonomous braking and movement assistance (controls the mid-congestion speed), stay in motion and track.

There is also the option to open the doors and run the engine using the mobile application. It remains to be seen whether all of these items have been imported or will be imported Last occurred in X2.

Motorization should be 2.0 turboplex in 320i (184 hp) and 438i (256 hp). Versions with larger capacity propellers and sports bias should always be imported. You are not expected to wait The new released 1.5 Turboplex X2.

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Inside the spa lounge

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