Monday , October 25 2021

The Spanish newspaper highlights the relationship of Winnicius Jr. and Jr. and Fela: "Cradle of Love"


On the day Flamengo completes 123 years of history, Vincetius Jr., the creator of Ken Urovo and now a Real Madrid player, was another person who used social networks to express his affection for the club that exposed him:

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"I'm wearing the envelope at birth, I'm used to winning," he said, "my greatest inheritance is this love for you!" Congratulations, Flamengo, the 123 years of the first league, many titles and a beautiful story. Publish the attacker.

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And the Declaration of Love was emphasized in the European press. The newspaper Brand, From Spain, with the title "Vinnecius, Flamengo and Cradle Love." "The Brazilian Ace again showed his passion for the club where he grew up," added the text.

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