Saturday , October 23 2021

The Taliban asks Vinnysius to get married


Taliban asks Vinnecius to marry - telegraph

After winning the custody of her daughter, Valentina, Talíssia (Luellem de Castro) is expected to surprise viewers on Thursday (15) of Malhação – Vidas Brasileiras. All because the young woman decides to ask Vinecius (Andre Louise Miranda) in marriage.

It is worth remembering that the boy had already sought to institutionalize the union with the student, but because of the hearing of his heir's guard, Talicia had chosen not to marry Raphael's friend (Carmo della Vecia) at that moment.

And now, does Vinícius accept the request of the beloved?

See the complete summary of today's soap opera:

The judge orders Valentina's guard to stay in Talismania. Talisia confronts Marcus. Márcio confesses to Pearl that Camilla is a former girlfriend. Talicia declares herself to Vinitzius and asks him to marry her. Pearl asks Meretzio to solve his question with Camilla. Valeria tells Rafael to visit the country. Gabriella sees go to court against Tania's defamation messages. Pearl sees his country with Valeria.

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