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"Trado" by VAR, Rodrigo Santana appreciates the premiere of Atlântico and says priority to improve defense

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Rodrigo Santana made his fourth game today against Atlantico. The coach managed to win with a victory in the Brazilian championship, after his commanders beat Eva at 2 to 1, in a game where VAR was active participation.

The team's turbulent moment in Alticana was another difficulty in the way of the coach, who even with a little work time saw the evolution of the team. Santana recognizes the impotence of the offensive sector, underscored by the moment when Ricardo Oliveira and Vincius interrupted and missed the opportunity to extend the score. However, the technician states that he preferred the evolution of the Altican defense.

"We still have to fix our last field, many times we came across the area, we even had a certain number of players inside the area, but the organization of being closed first, second stick, funnel, full, No. They were the same three This line is with training. We, that when arrived, are not looking to reverse repair. I have not been able to put more emphasis on this offensive movement in the area when we reach the last third of the field. But something we need to fix, your vision is perfect, we're going to practice, go to work, show them pictures and grow in competition, "said the coach.

At the age of 36, the young Atlantic coach knows how important it is to maintain balance during each game of the Brazilian and throughout the competition. As far as he is concerned, despite the victory, there are still aspects that must be improved in the defense establishment.

"We know that in this league you need to regularity. Not only in the championship, but in 90 minutes. In the second half, I think we took the second goal very early, in the stupid flaw we had, that D. The ball went out, we did the second. I just think we took off the mark a bit. For any coach, it is very difficult when defense system Stay away from your bank. The orientation does not come. I do not hear much. So it's things we need to have a correction inside, talk to them. We usually talk to the side that goes there, or the tip, to try to aim. But in this heat of the game they can not even hear our voice, "Rodrigo said.

In the 20 minutes of the second half, Beto defender pushed the ball into Victor's net, scoring what would be Eva's second goal.

When he suffers from the tie, Rodrigo Santana made a change to send the rooster to attack, to replace Elias by Vinnius, the last player hits more. However, the referee canceled the move, maintaining the score at 2 to 1. The interruption of the VAR caught the atleticano technician by surprise. Rodrigo eventually admitted that he was in a hurry and that if the referee did not follow, the replacement was different.

"I did not really expect that (to get around the goal of Ava.) At that time I looked at Lucas (an analyst at Battalico) and I said, 'Wow, let's go like that, let's take five minutes to see how it fits.'" it worked. The team started to hold a bit more ball because we lowered the l lines, leaving only the offensive pass. The entrance of the Air was also very important. A player who managed to score and leave with a little more quality behind. We had a chance of Ricardo with Vienna, who could kill him. I did not watch television, I did not see the tape to see if Ricardo was blocked or not. But I think we gained more confidence from within because they made the exit in three directions, they made a lot of money. But the team responded well and inside the house the important thing is three points. "Start winning," Santana said.

If Atlético is unable to hire an effective coach, Rodrigo Santana will lead the team for the fifth time in the second round of the Brazil Championship. Next Wednesday, at 9:30, Roster goes to Rio de Janeiro to face Vasco in So Janurio.

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