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Troller is alive in anticipation of the sale and the founder regrets its closure

Troller is alive in anticipation of the sale and the founder regrets its closure

The impact of the end of Ford’s production in Brazil has reached the Horizont intensity. In the city of Chiara is the Troller factory, which currently manufactures the T4 utility.

Since its inception, the Brazilian brand has become famous at rally events and also among hikers and adventure enthusiasts. However, Ford has already warned that production will not pass the fourth quarter of 2021 and then the end will come.

Despite this, Troller is looking forward to selling the company to groups interested in maintaining it in the national market, and who knows, maybe expand it to other regions in the world.

What is known in the hot “Horizonte” is that the company is waiting for negotiations to sell a trolley to third parties, something that will already take place at Ford, according to the local union.

The search for those interested in the small car manufacturer is a boost for the company’s employees. According to the union, this should be announced during the year, when Troller is still in operation.

Troller is currently stuck due to the Cubid-19 epidemic, and returned to activity on January 25th. Currently, the company employs 470 employees with salaries ranging from $ 1.1 thousand to $ 12 thousand.

The founder regrets

Troller is alive in anticipation of the sale and the founder regrets its closure

In 1995, Rogerio Prias created the Troller brand with the aim of producing 4 × 4 vehicles and thus created the RF model that had an AP 2.0 propeller in horsepower, however the brand took off with the arrival of the T4 model in 2001, equipped with 132 MW horsepower engine Diesel 2.8 MWM.

With the success of the product, Troller advanced and even developed a pickup truck that focused on work and the road, called the Pantanal, but at the time the company was sold to Ford. Meanwhile, the brand founder has moved away and is now working in the elevator business.

Towards the end of Ford’s production and the possible closure of Troller, which may be sold, Frias says: “It is a great pity that this is a company that was born here. At the time I created it, it was my dream and set an example across Brazil for people who would like to do something similar. It was a dream I understood, but we are not to blame for what happened to Ford. “

Hoping for the future of the brand, Prias concludes: “I hope there is someone who wants to recover and improve the situation there. This car, created from a dream, has been a world rally champion in Europe for two consecutive years, and has competed with the whole world. “

[Fonte: Diário do Nordeste]

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