Monday , October 3 2022

Unicamp performs on Sunday in more than 30 cities – News


In addition to the municipalities of Sao Paulo, evidence will also be applied to five beers; The gates are close at 13:00 (Brazil time)


The first phase of one of the most contested exams is the entrance exams Unicamp (State University of Campinas), Will take place this Sunday (18), in 30 cities of the country.

In addition to the municipal authorities of Sao Paulo, the tests will also apply to five capitals: Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Curitiba, Fortaleza and Salvador.

Gates of inspection closely at 13h (time Brasilia). Therefore, the organization recommends that applicants arrive at least an hour in advance.

In Portalza and Salvador there is no daylight saving time. Therefore, students should be aware, since the local time of the beginning of the test will be at 12h.

This year, Unicamp's entrance exam received 76,312 listings. The University offers 2,589 places in 69 undergraduate courses in 2019. These vacancies are 80% of the total. Another 20% will be Completed using Enem.

Candidates will take a Sunday test with 90 questions to choose from. There will be 13 Portuguese Portuguese and Portuguese, 13 Mathematics, 9 in History, 9 Geography (including Philosophy and Sociology), 9 in Physics, 9 Chemistry, 9 in Biology, 7 in English, 12 Interdisciplinary Questions.

The test time will be 5 hours, with a minimum stay in the room of three and a half hours.

In order to enter the proof places, you must present the original document whose number was provided at the time of registration.

Only colored pens in black transparent material, black pencil, rubber, transparent ruler and compass will be allowed.

The organization prohibits entry into testing products of cell phones and other electronic equipment, digital watches, liquid repairs, pencils, marker pens, bandana or handkerchiefs, hat, and any other object other than those described above.

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