Thursday , May 13 2021

Video shows motorcycle assault in Bara de Tijuca on Saturday

Video showing assault on Avenida das Américas, Barra de Tijuca, west of Rio, is a distributor on social networks this morning. Two bicycles were stolen. The criminals managed to escape. The scene was recorded by the occupant of a vehicle that was near the robbery.

The military police informed the portal "G1" that the thieves were in a stolen car while they were being pursued by the police. The hooligans would leave the car behind and escape with the victim's bicycle shown in the pictures.

During the attack, one can see the motorcycle owner showing a criminal how he should make the motorcycle begin to go.

According to the prime minister, the 31-year-old BPM commander (Recreio) said he had reinforced policing in the area by placing a car in the robbery area near a canyon.


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