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Angel & Jerry Want to Get Back … Brad Pitt – World News


Angel & And Lee wants to bring Brad Pitt back to both of them being a family again, but he does not think of a romantic reconciliation, Sun said.

That's why Jolie strayed so much on divorce calls, and that causes trouble for every deal. She showed clearly that she wanted to regain her relationship. But Brad is interested only in children. Because of them, he wants to be in good contact with Angel.

"He wants everything to end, and it could happen a year ago, but she does not give up," said a star man, adding that the actress can not continue with a new relationship.

Last year, Jolie admitted that her relationship with Pete had become "bad" and she said she was getting used to the woman's life.

Angel & Lilly wants to get back ... Brad Pitt

The couple, which has six children between the ages of 17 and 10, was constantly quarreling with the sudden surprise of separation in 2016. Four weeks later, Brad Pitt was questioned by the FBI and Maddox Social Child Violence Services for flying with a private jet. This accusation was later dropped.

When they hired a private judge next year, the stars demanded unregistered divorce details. But their lawyers filed indictments. The staff of the "Accommodation" validated the player who has not paid "significant" support to the child for nearly two years and demanded a divorce be declared before the details specified.

Brad Pitt's team, however, replied that he had paid the equivalent of 1.1 million pounds within two years and gave a £ 6m loan to an actress to buy the house he lived with the children. Media.

Following these public accusations, the two groups were silent. The players looked together in February at a law firm where they apparently signed a divorce deal.

Angel & Lilly wants to get back ... Brad Pitt

Brad and Angel lived together eight years before marriage in 2014.

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