Friday , May 7 2021

Barbo with valuable tips Solskjaer and United for the new season

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The former striker of Manchester United once again spoke of the idea of ​​painting the young defender and the captain of Ajax Matthews de Licht when warning that the star Paul Pugba should not leave Old Trafford.

"All Gunnar Soleskyar needs a central defender who can control the ball, give it to the midfielder and not be afraid – just like Virgine Van Dyck." If I'm the striker with Van Dyke in my team, I know everything will be fine and they need someone like him.

For such a young player, De Lichta's performance is unbelievable. He is mature, comfortable with the ball and does not bother who is playing – whether it's Cristiano Ronaldo or someone else. He just practiced his game. He moves gracefully and does not panic in the ball. He has everything you can ask from a protector.

This child will be an amazing player. He is a great talent and I hope that in the summer United will fight for him and take her, "he is convinced.

Why is Pugba the problem? They criticize some players more than others, and it's not fair. You can not escape criticism in different ways – we all have phones and social networks. He is not a robot, but if you do not feel valued, what do you do? You go somewhere else.

But leaving it would be a mistake. I very much hope that Ola will tell Foggia that he will build the team around him to give him the confidence to play at his best level. I have first-hand experience of how good a pug could be from the moment he was a trained child with us. Also, a good boy.

Pogba should know that there is a player behind him. There must be the freedom to make decisive transitions. It does not matter if he makes mistakes that he tries hard to give, "said the Sun, the Bulgarian who was at the club base this week, studying Solskayer.

"I trained with All and his commander this week because of my training course, the atmosphere was good, but maybe more, and when you do not feel well, the training will have a sad face, not happy to lose matches, you can save the season, Suitable, "he added.

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