Monday , June 27 2022

Central Sofia center under siege 7 days! The crowds will begin tonight


"The traffic in the central part of the city and the parking will be very limited and difficult between May 1 and May 7 in the Rector Largo region." The first organization came into effect at 7 pm in the evening following the upcoming BSP event. This was announced by Mayor Jordana Pandakova in connection with the working day of tomorrow, the upcoming visit of Pope Francis and the parade of Gergyovden.

"On the occasion of May 1, from 19.00 in the morning until tomorrow afternoon, the parking lots of Alexander Nevsky Square, Alexander Square 1, will be closed on Oborishte Street between" GS "Str.Rakovsky" and Boulevard Vasil Levski and the bridge over the national stadium "Vasil Levski" Pandekova, adding that if necessary, from 11 am to 2 pm on 1 May movement Balga setter. Between "Svorna" and "Tsar Osovoditel" Boulevard, on the boulevard "Kanyaz A. Dondkov", from Weseltes Street, to "Maria Luisa" Boulevard.

"In connection with the visit of Pope Francis and the congregation of St. George's Day, from the evening of May 2 to the morning of May 7, there will be restrictions around El Nevsky" and the area around Largo. stamp. "Soldier King" between GC Rakovski and Largo will be closed to traffic all the time. During the parade, on May 6, the closure of the Czar of Auschwitz will be closed in part of the Rector's office in Dundkow.

The changes will also affect urban transportation at night, which will operate on a new route between May 3 and May 6.

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