Tuesday , June 28 2022

Cornelia Ninova sees a "political blow" in the investigation against the MPs of the BSP


The investigation against BSP MPs does not bother us to believe in their innocence. Thus, the leader of BSP Cornelia Ninova commented on the investigation of the prosecution against two MPs from the BSP Group – Elena Yoncheva and Georgi Mihaylov. She saw the "political strike against investigative journalists":

Cornelia Ninnova, President of the BSP: They accuse Elena of money laundering around CBB. Since when was he interrogated? Two years and something. Why are these steps happening now? After Elena revealed a goal with honors Haskovo and Delyan Dobrev responded with these attacks. After making a film on the fence. After investigating the construction of the roads.

She added that she encouraged Elena Yunzha to continue her investigations and hinted that in the next few days the BSP member of parliament might announce an investigation into corruption in the coming days.

In accusations against Georgi Mikhailov, Cornelia Ninova saw a reaction to his activity on a recent vote of no-confidence in health.

Cornelia Ninnova, President of the BSP: How did he not notice that we have Professor Mihailov in the group for two years? At this moment the vote came to a lack of confidence in health and he became a blade, who began to report facts about the state of the health system, he suddenly demanded immunity for many years.

Ninevova quotes Prime Minister Borisov as saying that "the legal quorum is the majority" and the opposition can not participate in collecting taxes on cars, for example.

According to Kornelia Ninova, the BSP of the budget proposals 2019 provide measures to combat poverty and improve the health system. She described it as "changing the model dressed in numbers."

"I do not see war with anyone," Cornelia Ninnova said, suggesting internal tensions at BSP. She admitted that there were people in the party who wanted to return the "old state."

BSP preserves the trust of voters in the party, said Cornelia Ninnova.

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