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Danitsche's mother after apologizing for the two dead girls on Albin Street: they killed us and the children


The main witness in the case lives on

Yards from the Court of Justice

Years could not be discovered

I was silent when I heard the verdict. Again, they killed our children, but also us anyway. And so, in tears, Alexandra Seisha, the mother of a ruined man who was trampled by the collapsing building at 41 Albin Street, Denitsa, testified about the sentence of Sofia's court.

Snezhana Stavreva, the mother of the other girl who was killed under the rubble – Petrina Hristova, was never in court when reading the trial. The woman still does not know how the death of her only son ended. For years she has lived in her world far from anyone. The pain ruined her soul.

Twelve years after the construction of the four-story building on Albin Street on September 19, 2006, and the death of his friends Denise (26) and Petrina (24), the case ended only in the first case in the Sofia court on Wednesday. The four defendants – the businessman and owner of the Georgian building, the architect Nikolai Simonov, hired the repair engineer Peter Petrov, hired to deal with the repair, and Anton Antonov, who together with three Others took it out, were acquitted. They were accused for the first time 6 years after the tragedy,

Until then the case

He headed



The investigation lasted 10 years, and the trial – two trials were conducted. All documentaries because the ruins are quickly cleaned and a good view of the ruins is illegal. Over the years several attempts have been made to stop the case.

In court, most witnesses, including officials of the Institute for Cultural Monuments, neighbors from nearby buildings, policemen, firefighters, forgot the details of the past.

A key witness recalls his testimony in the hall. Construction worker Nikolay Alexandrov,

Which 12 years ago



"Hydrostroy P"


Who unofficially contacts George Kirchev, appeared in court in April 2017. Although he lived meters from the Justice Court on Thessaloniki Street, Alexandre could not be found for a long time to testify. Judge Wlycia Marinkova explained that Kurtz was drowning because he was threatened. From whom and when he did not remember, but he warned that if he said something else, he would lie.

In fact, Alexandrov himself is looking for contact with the mothers of the two girls. Almost a year after the tragedy, in the summer of 2007, he met with them in the garden in front of the National Theater. The three have three sessions. In front of them, he admits that the building owner arrived at noon on September 19, 2006 and ordered the removal of the five supporting floors on the first floor. Despite the warnings that the building would collapse, contractors cut three pillars. At about 16.30, two hours before the fall, the building began to creak, and the five maids left. Fear of spitting on the heels and the watchman. The workers were so frightened that they went to Solonska Street to buy alcohol to drink and relax. When they heard about the news at 19:30 that one building had fallen in Sofia, they were sure it was Albien.

Years before the mothers Alexandrov claimed again to be threatened, but then, so as not to testify against Kirchev. During the interrogation he was also interrogated before a judge.

But who is Nikolai Aleksandrov? A construction worker who 12 years ago worked Kirstrov of "Hydrostroy P". On the day of the tragedy, he appears in the building with Schober. Antonov's workers had no such device, so Alexandrov was sent there to tear. His friend who works as a guard in a building next to the building describes him as longing for money. He says Aleksandrnov will speak, but the girls' mothers had to pay him first.

The judgment of SCC will be appealed to the Court of Appeal.

Alexandra Saisha: I called the court: Do not take her hope

The faith of the child Denitza. this is different

Why the next day

She cleaned the rubble, Mother asks

DI swear, you did not stay until the end of the arguments In the last hearing on Wednesday, you fell silent when you heard that they were not to blame.

"Everyone is involved in such a trial, I can stand up to 15, I could not, although I could sense what was going to happen inside me, we've been fighting for justice for 12 years, and what happened at the end?

"What are you going to tell Danika's 15-year-old?"

"Her mother died when she was two and eight months old, and you have no idea how she went through it, and at the age of nine he wrote a poignant poem that ended with the words her mother told her from upstairs that she hoped to move on. His life and his knowledge that not only destructive actions but also justice, hope and faith to leave it, there is no other, everything is lost, he has lost the most important thing in his life – his mother, then they killed her once, now they kill us, Because.

"Who is responsible for not being guilty?"

"It starts from the event, the next day they clean the tracks, why, because something was hidden, was it like this if the building had fallen from old age, as the defendants' lawyers had pleaded, the fact that the traces were erased immediately, what did he say? It is better to surround them, to conduct a good investigation so as not to go through the agony.12 But why they are doing a regular investigation, they will establish the reason for the collapse of the building, the case was initially investigated, but in the fifth month of six they submitted it to the Sofia prosecutor's office. Operate it.

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