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Farmer, rum rum and his bandits are going to arrest – 【Criminal News פשעים crimes, accidents and events


Cypriot businessman Dimitriquez Pirellis and the two novels, Angel Ivanov and Lang Geldez, his farm kings, go together to the detention facility. This is determined in two separate proceedings by the regional court Plovdiv.

With court decisions, the demands of the prosecutor's office for permanent detention were satisfied both for the businessman who killed the third thief and his property for two other men of Roma origin, his friends in crime, reported traffic.

It turned out that Rome were involved in criminal, and that there were two more cases of pending claims against Mr. Galdjev. The law provides for imprisonment of 5 to 15 years in the case of Mr. Galdjev, who was sentenced 9 times 1 – 5 in the case of Ivanov, who has a "modest" file of one sentence. The last conviction of Engel Glazer was to steal the property of Prilis.

Despite his actions, he is not ashamed to ask the court to let him go, explaining that he wants to go to the family. Ivanov was more modest and demanded house arrest, but their requests were not yet heard.

According to the prosecutor's office, there is enough evidence that the two Roma together with Peter Gadjanov of blessed memory tried to steal from the Cypress property.The data indicate that they tried to take 5 cows illegally from the farm.They told them they wanted to mow the alfalfa, Ropes, with two cows tied to one of them, at first the animals were more.

Rome's lawyer pointed out that there was no evidence that his clients wanted to steal cows. Ivanov and Gladz are not guilty of claiming that they wanted a haircut from the area located 2 km from the Dimitrakis farm.

Meanwhile, judges in the nearby court have decided to leave the Cypriot businessman Dimitrakis Pirilis also behind the bars. Pirlis explained that he had not seen Gadianov, and when he realized that he had hit him in the car, he immediately signaled for 1112. He explained in detail that the Romans had been kings many times before and even pointed out that they had fired his house. Who live in five settlements in the area, announced the release of their employer, Pirellis, but their petition did not impose the balance on behalf of the businessman.

Pirilis's lawyers announced they would appeal the decision, and by then the businessman and the two thieves would be behind the bars.


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