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Forrest: Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich


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Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich, The derby of the 11th round of the German Bundesliga. Stadium Signal Iduna Park, 19.30 Bulgaria time.

The "Borussia Dortmund"
target: Bory, Hitz
Defenders: Ecandage, Dialogue, Glaze, Tupark, Fisk, Hakimi, Tullian
Connections: Dalein, Gomez, Vigel, Dahood, Guerrero, Watsell, Gucci, Cincinnati, Kagawa, Polish,
Attackers: Royce, Isaac, Alexer, Philip, Wolf, Larsen
injured: Tupine, Tullian, Rhoda, Shmeltzer
in question: Bory, Dilot

Bayern München Group:
target: Neuer, Ulrich
Defenders: Homeless, Butang, Zola, Alabama, Keamy, Rafina, May
Connections: Martinez, Renato, Gortka, Ribery, Holmes, Benny
Attackers: Lavandowski, Miller, Genabari, and Wagner
injured: Koman, Tulis, Tiago, Ruben Forecast:

The next edition of Der Klasker's Derby in the Bundesliga really begins to smell like that because of the wonderful form of Borussia Dortmund and the problems of the Bavarian colossus.

The thing is that Nikko Kovac is the coach with one of the strongest start-ups at Bayern in general (seven consecutive wins in all tournaments), but in mid-October he talked about his shift.

Four straight games without a win were after 4 consecutive successes, but the XIX at home against Freiburg in the final round again pressured the Champions League as their slump rose four points.

At the same time Lucien Faber became the first coach in the history of Borussia Dortmund, who lost none of his first 15 games in all tournaments. This week, however, Westphalis first defeated the campaign (0: 2 against Atletico Madrid).

This is a 26-year-old game for the past six and a half years between the two teams on four fronts – the Bundesliga, the German Cup, the German Super Cup and the Champions League. Borussia have won only two of the last 12 championship games with their biggest opponent, allowing 7 losses.

Against any other opponent, Munich was not so drained in the Bundesliga (29th), and in Dortmund the balance is 15:15 in 49 games with a goal difference of 68:67 for the guests. At the end of March, the Bavarians defeated their opponent 6-0 in Munich for the championship, and the rulers will try to clear this shameful place with a good game and victory over the German bishop.

Munich won the last three of the five games at Dortmund for the championship, the last time they did it last fall with a 3: 1 definite. Now, however, the breaks in the Champions' game are very tangible, while Borussia relies on the excellent form of Captain Marco Royce and his assistants "opposite" Jason Sancho and Paco Alcacer. Sancho is the best champion in the Six Bottom Championship, while the Spanish sniper splits first in the ranking of the best shooters.

In recent years, Bayern certainly dominated this rivalry, but this time it seems that the balance is a bit sloping in favor of "yellow and black", so we bet on the "1" sign.

Result: Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich 3: 2

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