Monday , April 12 2021

Godsmack's lead singer tells a book about his difficult journey to fame

Almost a year after Godsmak, a member of the soloists' concert, appeared at the second solo concert in Bulgaria and six months before the band's performance in Sofia, the book "The Roads We Choose" was published in Bulgaria. The translation is by journalist Elena Rosberg, and another special chapter written for the Bulgarian fans is included in the edition.

In his extraordinary and painfully autobiographical autobiography, Goodsmack's soloist, Solly Arena, talks about the hard way to fame, full halls and platinum albums.

He describes his life before Godsmack and the way he had to go out in the world of violence, drugs, crime and alcohol. This book is the story of a man who has made many mistakes in his life – some of them almost fatal.

"The Ways We Choose" is dedicated to music – not only to its technical side, but to its miraculous healing power, its ability to get people out of the ghetto, the depression, to bring them back to life.

Solly Arena describes her difficult career as a musician, the numerous failures with various groups, the betrayal of the music industry, and the way Godsmake received her rare chance to get out of the local Boston scene.
"The Ways We Choose" is also a book for Solly Granny fans of Godsmack, but also an amazing story in itself – full of unexpected twists, amazing but very real cases and action enough for some Hollywood movies.

See Solly's special address for Bulgarian fans.

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