Saturday , April 17 2021

It was laughter and shame! Pictures

The candidates for the deputies from GERB and BSP – Danica Satcheva and Georgi Svilansky, got into a sharp dispute about the steps taken during an epidemic. According to the left-wing representative, many companies did not receive assistance or received it with huge delays. The Minister of Social Affairs has denied outright that this is true.

“I argue that many companies and businesses did not open at first,” Svilansky said.

“But you deny that there are companies that get support,” Sachba claimed.

The BSP candidate said he did not deny that some people received the money, but three months late.

“We want a 30% reduction in documents. How many documents did you ask for and how many checks did you make?”, He asked.

“The fact that you want to distribute money out of control is your job. Only one statement has to be submitted and 3,000 of the companies have received their money without presenting anything else,” the social minister said.

The two were not left in debt on the issue of “corruption,” where MRF candidate Ilhan Kyuchuk joined the debate.

“Two U.S. senators, the U.S. State Department, said: Bulgaria is the most corrupt country. There are no steps and growth of corruption in all areas. I listen to ministers it was a feeling, but not a problem. There is corruption. When there are corrupt managers and officials, there can be no corruption. There will be no interaction.

The BSP proposed changes to the legislation, but unfortunately the GERB adopted a favorable law for reviewing their people. Your people are checking, Ms. Zakba, if you are corrupt. That will change within 24 hours, when people will remove you from power, “Svilansky said.

“Corruption can only be fought through clear legislation. We are witnessing an institutional crisis. Our prime minister is not reporting to the National Assembly, he is avoiding any kind of discussion, but that is not the issue.

The next National Assembly must enact legislation that even foreign investors can trust. Legislation changes in one phone call.

GERB changes key and structural rules – one goal is to shorten the deadline and the second goal is to avoid the first reading. “When there is no public control, there can be no proper struggle that will lead to overt results,” Ilhan Kyuchuk said.

“I am always amazed at how Mr Svilansky talks about corruption after your minister has been removed because of corruption. This is a very difficult phenomenon and requires maximum effort.

We have created a body to fight corruption, a portal for electronic justice. “In this case, although Mr Svilansky likes to use loud words, he can not deny that much has been done in this direction and the European institutions show that we meet all the criteria,” explained a layer.

According to Svilansky, GERB pursues policies through corruption, and if anyone succeeds in eradicating it, GERB will not be in power because it will not have the resources.

“Highways and facilities are the same thing. More than 4 billion traveled on highways,” he said.

“Do you have specific data to submit to the State Attorney’s Office?” Asked Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Welfare Danice Zakba.

“We have found the violations of the National Audit Office and it will investigate. To say these things, there are facts,” Svilansky added.

“Transparent legislation is subject to control. To allow people to exercise control. It is not bad to have more open structures so that citizens can monitor things,” Sakha said.

“Ms. Layer, the entire legal community has mocked you. I strongly advise you not to talk about the Constitution. What you proposed was laughter and shame,” Svilansky said after Minister Layer raised the issue of the GERB’s desire to make necessary changes to the Constitution Book.

“We want BGN 6,500 assistance for mothers of students and people who were insured. We want free textbooks from grades one through twelve and assistance for the first day of school,” the BSP candidate said.

According to Ihlan Kyuchuk, Bulgaria is not doomed to be the last everywhere, but we must transform ourselves in European and global terms.

“The easy money from Europe is over. We have an opportunity through a program. We have to include business. The business is to give us ideas, not Tomislav Donchev. I want to use our opportunities to start over and have children. Here and there,” he said.

“BSP believes that politics is a distribution of money. You promise BGN 250, and this year on September 15, all first and eighth graders will receive BGN 300 each,” Sakha explained.

“It will happen for sure, because you will not control,” Sbilensky objected.

“Dear citizens, go out and vote. Change can only happen through mass voting,” the BSP candidate concluded.

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