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Jesus the messiah! –

Orthodox Christians celebrate the greatest Christian holiday – the resurrection of Christ.

The resurrection of Jesus is the greatest sacrament Of the Christian religion.

According to the Gospels, a week before the crucifixion, Jesus entered Jerusalem as the Messiah sent by God to save humanity. Since then, this day has been celebrated as Palm Sunday.

The Jewish priests oppose the son of the " And to declare him a criminal.

A few days after Jesus entered Jerusalem, one of his emissaries, Judas Iscariot, transferred thirty silver coins to the Roman authorities.

Jesus was sentenced to death. According to these commands, he walked on the way to the mountain of the skull, bearing the cross where he was crucified.

The crowd, greeting him Tsvetnica with shouts of "Hosanna" (fame), now turned against him and screamed "Cross him".

Jesus' enemies placed a thorn on his head to mock him for being the king of heavenly possessions.

On Friday, Jesus died of torture on the cross and was buried in a cave near Calgute. The Roman authorities close the cave with a huge rock to prevent Jesus' followers from carrying the body and burying it according to their conception.

On Sunday after Good Friday, Our Lady and Mary Magdalene Go to the cave and leave flowers on the tomb of Christ.

However, they find the empty cave and messenger of God seems to them to tell them that Jesus rose – the unshakable proof that he is the Son of God.

The Catholic Church calculates Easter on the Gregorian calendar, while Orthodox churches use the Julian calendar. Therefore, for several years, the holiday in both churches falls on one date, and in other years it is different.

According to folk tradition, Easter marks the resurrection of nature to a new life, Victory spring in the winter.

On this day, small and big men fucked for health with red-painted eggs – a symbol to shed Jesus' blood. Whose egg is the strongest, it will be strongest throughout the year.

Happy of all their readers.

Jesus the messiah!

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