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Most (not) reliable cars: surprises are great – technology


epic The English unit of the JD. Power has released its next reliability rating. It is based on reporting problems of 100 cars from a UK model. And the results are more surprising: in the top ten there is only one luxury brand, and the Japanese are no longer leaders. Moreover, the reliability rating is headed by a French brand and it is Paz.

Analysts monitored 177 parameters divided into 8 categories: bodywork, steering and suspension, options and displays, audio and multimedia, seats, air conditioning, power and power units. The survey included 11,535 new car owners registered between November 2015 and January 2018.

Pigeon and ranked first in the ranking of the most reliable cars with 77 defects per 100 cars. The industry average value is 119 problems per 100 vehicles.

Second place is Skoda (88) and third for Hyundai (90th). The following items are for Nissan (94), Suzuki (94), Vauxhall (95), Kia (101), Mini (103), Ford (104) and Volvo (106).

The most reliable models are: Volkswagen, Tiguan and Passat, Hyundai i10 and i20, Peugeot 108, 208, 2008 and 3008, Skoda Octavia, Seat Leon, Ford Focus, C-Max Fiesta, Honda CR-Opel Icon, Mokka Zafira, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and E-Class, Citroen C4 Picasso and Nissan Juke.

Most defects of 100 cars (181) showed the BMW models! The brand takes the last place in the ranking of 24 brands. Equally odd is that at 22 we see Audi (167) while the Mercedes is 19. Toyota, a traditional excellence in such studies, is here in 18th place.

These results have a logical explanation. It lies in the race of manufacturers to pack their models with the latest technology, which becomes a serious headache for the owner. Half of the top 10 problems in new cars are related to audio / communications / entertainment / navigation. It turns out that most faults give Bluetooth, voice recognition systems and navigation. And with such luxury brands equipped, so its logical place in this ranking.

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