Thursday , September 29 2022

: Naum Shopov Jr. fell on the knee to Thea ::


The charming actor and senior doctor, Shoffov Jr., chose to leave the bachelor group. He fell to his knees in front of his half-friend, Thea Minkova, and boasted of a positive response to social networks.

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"she said yes "

In short and clear, it is written on both pictures that the star of the medical drama "Stolen Lives" published in Instagram. It is clear from the cadres that the heir to the artistic Shopovi family suggested that his friend drift track. He himself is an open fan of fast and fast cars. The photograph sealed off Naum, knelt before Thea as she left the car, after stumbling with a professional pilot. We can only guess if the young shopov has to bet on it, the first gave her a huge dose of adrenaline with the car race, and then the beauty with a twin sister was nothing else to say except "yes".

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