Tuesday , August 9 2022

Scandal! Zlatka stared at the novel with a rich metropolis


With her current behavior, very blonde Zlatka keeps everyone to see how her personality has progressed. The poor voice behaving in her past exhibits are so great that her native celebrities continue to hurt her and bring her light to unknown furry shirts, writes HotArena.

A reason for a new species of discovery was a conversation between Jenny Kalkandeva, who had recently been with Raikova at home, and with George Franz.

According to them, it was clear that 10 years ago Zlateka was at its peak with men. So she had a relationship, or as Rykova called it – "flirting" with a businessman named Tony Montana. In a brief statement, it appears that this affair was developed while the man-woman was with Balagoy Ivanov-Bagata. Let's not forget that she even played crash collisions, which she also called Flirt, with brother Bobby Rugby, who is currently with Nikita Johnson and entered Big Brother to find out what Zaltka saved us.

Not to mention that the folk singer Reina discovered at the same show that her coat betrayed her blond fury. We can safely say that no Emanuela, as the makeup artist Tasto Andreev said, and Zlatka Raikova has "divorced" men almost all of Bulgaria.

Calcandeva and the French also have another subject – her atypical behavior towards Aziz, who over the years has been subject to many speculative scandals. When Zlatka Raikova was with Kamen Balbuzanov – Bagata, she really had a struggle with the Nightingale of Rome. It's about a night at "One" in 2012. The gossip was that Shazis pushed the playmate, and added the words: "Mind, Mom, Farmer," and then she began to peel off his hair. And French is only French: "Ask her on Barbecue – Azis, how it will be for everyone in" one "…

One of the biggest scandals the blond woman did was the popular singer Emilia and her colleague Zlatka Dimitrova. The story also remembers that my mother was devastated by Raykova, and she and Dimitrova slept regularly with the same men, so they have many conflicts.

In the end, Zlatka Rykova was eager to dazzle her dirty image by participating in a realist show, like the changing, real, moral, and moderate half, but she had a full fiasco. The lies and mistakes of the past, which she thought were deeply forgotten, shone in full force. What else will we learn about her for the rest of her stay with her current partner in the Laguye Georgiev at VIP?

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