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Stanislav Kostov: Levski is the highest player in Bulgarian football, with Georgi Darmandez, the club grows

Levski's director, Stanislav Kostov, gave an extensive television interview, in which he stated that he was happy with Grana and the Blue Club was the highest step in Bulgarian football for any single player.

He also shared his impressions with senior coach George Dermandiev, who believed the team had grown up under his direction.

Levski is ready to sell any of his players

Levski is ready to sell any of his players

The interest in Stanislaw Kostov and David Mariani is not lacking

Stanislav, hello! What do you have for the season with the Levski team?

– Especially – happy, nice. I enjoy great moments, perhaps the best in my career, and I play at the Gurgaon Stadium. Asparuhov. Maybe this is my strongest season and I'm very pleased with myself.

Do you have an explanation why you are so successful this year? What has changed?

"Usually the coaches believed me more, I gained the confidence and the necessary confidence, of course everything was on my own, and I managed to overcome the tension and everything else on Grana.

You are the top scorer of the team, one of the main weapons of "blue" to victory. But what did you not get this year?

– There are certainly many things I could not get, but there are still more adjustments until the end of the season. I hope in the next meetings to do other things that I have not achieved so far.

Are you returning to the finals lost in Bulgaria's Cup of Slavia? What did you think when you looked at the match from the bench?

"I thought I was going in and I'd decide the game if I had to be honest, but then the coach did not believe me and did not let me go in. I'm sure if I went in I'd help the kids, But we've overcome it and look ahead.

What has changed in Levski with the arrival of Georgi Dermandiev?

– A lot of things have changed. Mostly Mr. Dermandez is a calm man and he gives us peace, the soccer players. Maybe some tension does not feel that much. It helps us quite tactically. I think that under his guidance Lavsky grew and grew in the future.

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How do you look at the competition in your position Levski?

– Competition is a very good thing. Valerie Boog & Janow and Sergey Bush are great boys and very good players. I always said there was competition. We fight all three. I believe what you show on the field, that's all, you can not lie to anyone in the field. You go out on the field – everyone sees you and it's best to show who is worth playing.

How did he react when realized that the club will attract Valery Bozhinov? Was there any concern?

– I do not know about concern, but Valery Bojinov is there and an icon in Bulgarian football. Great football player. I knew I had to fight even more, and even more to do everything in my power to keep my title.

What else do you have to work to raise your class?

– I have to work on my physics and game head. I have to go into fighting together, and above all, to win them. Maybe I should work on more goals – do more hits.

There are several more rounds of the championship, Levski is the third. How do you accept the fact that the club has no trophy over the past 10 years?

"I'm part of the team now, I think we're always fighting and giving ourselves everything we can do, but here you see last year's finals – we did everything but we did not win. I do not know what is going on and what is needed, but I hope that in the new season we will have more opportunities for smiles and especially to win the trophy.

Fans of "Blue" are excited if Stanislav Kostov will remain Levski in the new season – what do you tell them?

"I want to say that I am happy in Levski, as well as in my family, and this is my dream, and I can bravely say that this is also my family's dream, and every young man dreams of being a great football player, but Levski is the highest step in Bulgarian football. In this club, and now I just get my dream come true.

Georgi Dermandiev: Negligence and attacks against Lavsky always reflect

Georgi Dermandiev: Negligence and attacks against Lavsky always reflect

"I'm not worried about my work"

Besides Levski, where do you like football? Where do you want to play and develop?

"I can not go to these big championships because I'm a realist, all the kids dream of going to England, Spain and Italy, but I'm already 27 and I can not accept it, but we've seen all kinds of things. In football, then nothing is known at the end.

An interesting statement made by Gianni Becali, which will help in the selection of Levski. He said that now it is best for the club to sell Stanislav Kostov. Are you willing to accept an offer from Turkey?

"It's definitely up to me, maybe I'll get it, as long as it's all right and provide the club and I. To tell you frankly, I have not thought about that yet, there are more matches for the end, I want to do everything on my own. I'm definitely not going to make a transfer abroad at any price because Lavsky is my home and here I am happy.

Have you thought what Ludogorec's control is due to, and you think Bulgaria might be another champion soon?

– I think next year will be a new champion and it will be called Levski. You all see that Ludogorz is a project that has developed quite a bit. Everything is true and it just has normal results. But I hope next season Lavsky will be a champion.

How do you get the losses on the court – do you share with someone or you close yourself?

– I take them too hard as well when I do not play well. In general, I'm not a hands-free. After the defeat or when I have not played at the level it is better to have no one around me. I have people on my side trying to help me. But I am such a person that I experience these things myself by closing myself at home.

How to overcome loss?

"Over time, you can not sleep the first night, and then you come to the stadium, you start training and you forget it." The good thing about football is that after a week if you lose or win, the new exam comes and you have to go back to the right level.

What does it feel like to play for Bulgaria?

Great, great. I always wanted to play for the national team. I'm glad I've had a chance lately. I'm happy to protect the colors of Bulgaria. The best thing to do is to protect your homeland.

Bogdan Petrescu: I have no budget from Lavsky, we can afford any Romanian footballer

Bogdan Petrescu: I have no budget from Lavsky, we can afford any Romanian footballer

"It does not mean they will be taken away"

Did you believe that after these games you played with the "Blue" team, Peter Hubchev will notice you and call you the "A" team?

I dreamed and always hoped. However, I am the central pioneer of Levski and present myself at a decent level. This is quite normal and hoped for a conversation.

What are our chances for next year's European Championship? Two pulls with Montenegro and Kosovo did not keep us away from the goal?

"I do not think they're away." I think we played better but we could not win. Now we are facing matches against the Czech Republic and Kosovo. I think that if we get four points, our chances will grow.

Product of the magnificent school Blagoevgrad – tell us why you choose football? Who took you to the stadium?

"My father is a former footballer, so he was a coach. Maybe beside him. We would kick the ball home together – "Come on, Stanislaus, see if you can kick left, right foot …" Thanks to my father for everything because he always depends on me and always supported me. He set me on fire. He took me to the first practice, and I kicked him and prepared me.

And what sport did you try?

"My mother used to swim to me once, but I did not get much, we stopped quickly, we knew it had to be football, and for another sport, my parents did not drive me, since I can remember the ball.

How old did you start your football career?

– I was young, 6-7 years. Somewhere at the age of 8 – 9 was the first group, we gathered. Methodius Stoyanov of Pirin was a coach. At the stadium in Belgovgrad, behind the doors, we were only on Saturday and Sunday for an hour on small doors. From there I turned on a light.

Have you always played vigorously?

"Yes, as a child, I was always aggressive, maybe a little behind the assailant, but always in attack, I had a few periods in other teams, where they played me on the wing, but I do not feel well.

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What do you like about the attacker's role?

– Most of all, they attract the goals, of course. When you score, you are always the hero. Then everyone embraces you and kisses you. When you miss two or three goals – nothing, a good game, but do not go into. But the best is when you're flagging.

Have you thought why Blagoevgrad creates so many players in class?

– The club does not have large funds, but the children gather from all over southern Bulgaria. They go to the stadium in Blagoevgrad and the children are "hungry". They want to grow up, "eat white bread". I think that's the reason for the talent to go out. Pirin is a group that has no money and has more young boys. You know that in this club you can give yourself everything and show what you can on the field. Everyone is always watching Pirin, and the children are "hungry" and want to succeed there.

Before you went to Lavsky, you wore Pirin, Ceska, Bootb, Bru. Where did you feel best before you came to Grana?

"I always felt good in Pyrenees, both in the first and second periods, I was there at home, people were accepting and honoring me, I certainly felt the best, and I was good at the brothel and the well, and yet I ate white bread from these teams and I can not say anything But in Pyrenees I was always at home, so was Levski.

What is your worst career moment so far?

– I had many disappointments and heavy moments. But I can not say who is the heaviest.

Was there a concern when he signed with "blue" how would you get the Levski audience considering you played in CSKA?

"My parents, my family, and the people who brought me here were worried, I came here with the desire to prove myself and to show that I can play football, regardless of my past, I think I'm doing it now, and I'm glad about it.

How do you react to the roughness of the defenders?

"I do not like it when someone kicks me, but I do not start cursing, it's pretty normal, it's football, there are foundations, the point is not to be directed, otherwise everything else is normal.

Levski follows the Spambari wing of Zdravko Dimitrov

Levski follows the SS in September

Pavel Kolb watches the performances of Zdravko Dimitrov

Is there a defender who can not fight him?

– Stronger defenses are harder for me, especially when the ball is in the air. There are defenders of the Bulgarian center quite good, but I can not determine who is the hardest for me. I respect each of the central defenders, and I have difficulties in each other. It's normal and I think they have a problem with me too.

Is there fair play in Bulgarian football?

Yes, I think there is.

Why do they talk so much about neat matches?

– I do not know. So far, I've never been in such a game. I heard, they're talking, but I can not comment on that.

What will you do if they tell you that you have to lose in the game?

– I'm definitely not going to play.

For who is the best central striker in the world?

Gonzalo Igwein.

Pawel Kolb: Peter's chances of becoming Levski's coach is zero

Pawel Kolb: Peter's chances of becoming Levski's coach is zero

"Even if we are dealing with us, we will have to sit and move"

Do you identify with any foreign club?

– Yes, Inter is my favorite team.

What do you do in your spare time?

– Going out with my girlfriend, going outside. But we are more often at home. We go out for lunch, and next time, especially after training, we like to hang out at home.

Football players are fancy, they like to be in discos and go home early in the morning.

Yes, I know about this glory. And I was like that, but lately I'm not really at the disco. I go out for a reason – we win in important dollars and we collect the whole team. During the week, I must obey the rules, but after adjustment – perhaps.

Is there time for a native Blagoevgrad?

I always have time. I was born there, I'm happy there. I'm closer now, and when I'm free, I retire.

What do you want for the end of our conversation?

– I wish we were all alive and healthy. That's the most important thing. Everything else is achieved.



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