Saturday , October 23 2021

The Secret of Changing Federer in London – Day Break – Tennis – Men


In his first ATP final in London, Roger Federer lost to Kay Nishikori in two teams and quite annoyed his fans with performance. Two days later, Maestro was on a familiar level and beat Dominic Tim without trouble to keep the chances of the semifinals.

But what was the secret of Federer's rapid change? Break day!

"I'll do the same thing tomorrow, because it worked, it was not a forehand or backhand, my serve or something, it was in my head, so sometimes you need a break," Federer said.

"I played a lot of tennis in the past two months and watched the game with Nishikori on my way to a good hotel, a long ride that was positive I had time to talk and we came to a conclusion or coach said to me," Relax, enjoy the day with your family and you will be happy. "

The London tournament is an opportunity for the Swiss to win ATP tournament 100, and the success of the team was a must. "When you play with an important team, you do not hit, it's a hit, I felt good, I was very happy to make the right decision and managed to respond after the game in my first round."

Federer contributed some of the loss to Nishikori and the form of the tournament, which allows you to continue losing. "I think I'm ready for the next game (with Anderson) I do not know what happened against Nishikori Maybe the stage stage format is on my way You do not feel backed up from the back like other tournaments When you suffer first you know you have to hang or you go out after 30 minutes . "

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