Sunday , January 17 2021

They revolt over the junk mystery

For months all of Bulgaria has been asking one thing – “Where’s junk?”. The mystery of the disappearance of a resident of Dupnica remains unsolved.

BLITZ remembered that Around Christmas and New Year, very interesting news appeared about Milanov. It turned out that a few days ago the man had a day there. On this occasion something interesting happened on social media.

The Facebook group, which raises the issue of what happened to Yankee Milnov, seems to be intensifying a major protest.

The thriller about the mystery with Yankee continues in a new series of threats

It all started with a post by Nadia and Tova’s wife, in which she wrote: “And you can celebrate Gd’s day … Where are you dear child today? !! …”.

A bunch of comments immediately flooded her post. Here are some of them:
“He could not celebrate many holidays”; “There is a Lord !!!! Where is Junk”; “Protests and protests only !!!;” Get up people again, there must be answers “;” All geeks are silent !!! Disgusting rubbish …… shame and disgrace !!!! “

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