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Things that do not want to hear twins' mother


In recent years, the number of twins has increased. At the same time being a mother of twins is a real blessing, but also a great responsibility. However, there are cases in which these mothers get out of control and this is usually caused by some inappropriate sentences that use family members and their acquaintances. See what the twin mothers never want to hear:

Things that do not want to hear twins' mother

Do you have other twins in your family?

It is possible in the family have other twins or not. The couple may also be in vitro. Whatever the cause of twins, may not want to get into the subject, then do not pick up the subject if she does not decide to share it yourself.

I do not know how you do it?

In fact, no one knows except herself (even in some cases she asks him). In any case, there is no choice, so your question is meaningless and oppressive.

Which one is bigger?

The question is actually quite confusing. One of the children came out a moment before the second. It does not make one baby bigger and the other less. They are still twins.

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One looks smooth, smooth, shy, and so on …

Contrary to popular perception, the twins do not play roles and change their temperament and develop daily. So at one point in one smile, the next does not make him more angry than his brother or sister. Therefore, these findings are inappropriate and harm the mother.

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Which one do you prefer?

Asking whether one of her two children prefers is among the most inappropriate. Of course, for each parent his child is special and he loves him unconditionally! In addition, if carrying two babies for her nine months in the womb you will never be able to love one more than the other!

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How identical, how do you distinguish between them?

Depending on the temperament of your mother, your question may remain dependent on space without comment or get a particularly rude answer. The twins are not necessarily identical in appearance. Of course, the imagination can be impressively large, but in the end, they remain two children each with their peculiarities. Even if it happens to confuse them, if a mother is not very close to you, it is unlikely to tell you.

My sister (cousin, neighbor, colleague) also has twins.

Great, but why do you think this information is necessary for the mother. These kinds of expressions are probably caused by the inability to tie the conversation in any other way, but remember that it will not please her, but will make her nervous.

I understand you. Unnamed: It's for two!

Mothers who have had a child can never be compared to twin mothers. No matter how naughty and energetic my childhood is, it does not require the same treatment as that of a second cultivation at the same time.

The same applies to mothers who gave birth to two babies in a short space. Although this condition is definitely stressful, you can not compare it with the treatment of twins. So keep that in mind and keep such statements of the two twin mothers.

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