Sunday , May 16 2021

Victoria Beckham join Spice Girls concerts – Curious

Victoria Beckham is expected to join To your former colleagues from "Spice Throat" during Group concerts at Wembley Stadium in London, "Create Music" reports.

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The former singer and current fashion designer has been She rejected the opportunity to sing with Melanie Brown, Melanie Chuckholm, Emma Bonton, and Jerry Halliwell during Their long awaited tour. even though Victoria agreed to stand on a scene with the girls During one of their concerts in the British capital in June.

A source close to Ms. Beckham said: "This may happen during Wembel's second concert on June 14. But it is not clear what Victoria's role is."

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Victoria Beckham She probably feels insecure about live singing, but she still wants to appear with her colleagues in one scene. A relative who indicated that she clearly made it clear She does not want pressure to sing alive, but she is willing to dance.

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Victoria Beckham's news came shortly after her colleague, Emma Benton, said she had never expected a dish to go on a tour. The singer clearly stated that after their general appearance at the 2012 Olympics graduation ceremony, Victoria was categorical because she wanted to move forward and separate herself from her time with the group.

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