Thursday , October 21 2021

Wall Street did not recover after yesterday's losses ::


Wall Street did not recover after yesterday's losses

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Unstable trading Wall Street today, after traded stocks did not return after yesterday's losses, CNBC reported.

Blue chip index Dow Jones Collapsed at 100.69 points to 256,289, while the wider one collapsed Index S & P 500 Ended with a 0.2% drop to 2 722.18 points, its fourth drop mark.

The technological index The Nasdaq But added 1.6%.

Energy companies were the worst performing as crude oil prices collapsed to their lowest levels in one year.

Poor performance of Appl Lumentum Holdings, one of the company's main suppliers, continued its forecast yesterday. CEO Alan Lancelum Low said in a statement that one of his major customers asked the company to "significantly" reduce the shipping for their products.

This forced Goldman Sachs to lower its iPhone sales forecast and reduce the value of the shares of Lumentum to reduce Goldman Sachs' iPhone sales and the downgrade of the company's shares. Morgan.

Sub sector of S & P 500 With a 0.1% gain on Tuesday after a 1% adjustment to the day. Novidia And Advanced Micro Devices were among the top performers, respectively, with a 5.2% and 3.1% growth.

The resumption of trade talks between Washington and Beijing was the focus of investors. Earlier in the day, the Wall Street Journal reported that US Treasury Secretary Stephen Manochin and Vice Premier Hu Jintao had returned to the talks ahead of a meeting between Donald Trump and Vice President Donald Trump, ; Yen-Finn later in the month.

The main problem factor in this market is China, so any positive news on this matter is welcome for the shares, "said analyst Freddy Randy of the firm Charles Schwab Corporation.

Stocks have not been stable lately when investors are struggling with commercial concerns due to concerns about rising interest rates and the possibility of a global economic slowdown. Cboe Cote, considered the best market indicator, is over 67% during the quarter.

"I see greater volatility at the end of the year," said Michael Gragati, a strategic shareholder in Cornerstone Capital Group. Speculation about the Federal Reserve's decisions and the political risk would make investors' fears worse by the end of 2018, he said.

Oil prices fell more than 7% on Tuesday, confirming the loss of 12 consecutive sessions. Oil prices fall sharply Tuesday after Donald Trump urged oil exports from member states to maintain the current policy of gradually increasing production, which helps to lower prices. OPEC and its allies are considering a new round of supply redundancy after a price collapse in the last six months.

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