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100,000 people in 3 weeks – News Kelowna

Elena Kelly

If you fly today or anytime soon there are some holiday tips to make your holiday trips a smooth flight.

Kelowna International Airport is busy preparing for another busy holiday season, and expects more than 100,000 passengers over the next three weeks.

"Travelers are advised to plan ahead and prepare for a more normal waiting time at the airport, in order to reduce travel-related stress," said spokeswoman YLW Jessica Hewitt.

A steady flow of traffic is expected from December 14 to January 6.

"The busiest days of the season will be December 21 to December 27," Hewitt said.

Here are some tips from the airport on how to make your travel experience as easy as possible:

Consider alternative transportation

  • YLW is expected to achieve full capacity during the peak period. Alternative airport transportation, such as taxi and limousine services, airport shuttles, public transport or a member who will release them is recommended.

Explore parking options

  • Those who need to park in YLW need to follow parking signs and lot of staff directions and there is a cell phone waiting area near the airport.

Arrive at the airport early

  • The terminal building at the airport opens at 3:30 am with check-in desks for most airlines, security screening and food services available at 4:00. It is recommended to arrive 90 minutes prior to boarding time.

Know what you can bring through screening security

  • Avoid surrender items and ensure that your valuables do it through security screening.

Confirm your airline's identification requirements and your pet's policy

  • Check with your airline to make sure you have the required identification and travel documentation valid for everyone, including children.

Okanagan ChristmasFest is at full swing at the Kanata Hotel and Conference Center.

They christened the season last week with a challenge to the company and kicked off things with a thousand dollar donation to be the Angel campaign for Central Okanagan Food Bank.

The Ravelers are invited to enjoy the European inspired outdoor Christmas market, covered Christmas tree walking support of Okanagan Food Center, and live entertainment.

Okanagan ChristmasFest runs December 14, 15, and 16, 2018 in the Home / Outdoor Center of Rotary Arts at 421 Cawston Ave, Kelowna BC.

You can help support the food bank, by staying at the hotel Kanata Hotel Convention Center.

Bring non-perishable food items to the Kanata Hotel by the end of December and get a 20% discount on your room rates!

As a component of the OkanaganFest Christmas presented by Hotel Kanata Hotel & Conference Center, Tilos Christmas Tree Walking will be located at the atrium of the Rotary Arts Center.

Christmas trees have been sponsored by businesses and organizations that wish to get creative decorating wood for the support of the Central Bank Okanagan Food. Christmas Tree Telus Walk provides Christmas sponsors with an opportunity to showcase the spirit of their community and support those in our community who are struggling with hunger.

Will also be a community tree, we invite the public to bring decoration and decorate the wood for the support of the Central Community Okanagan Food Bank. This tree and the others will be auctioned on December 17 at the Kanata Hotel and Convention Center to raise additional funds for Central Bank Okanagan Food.

"We are proudly 100% Canadian owned and believe to give all our guests an experience no less than the Canadian hospitality we know.We are new to this community and support it.Not only are we excited to be the sponsor of Okanagan ChristmasFest, we are also making a donation of $ 1,000 to be an Angel & "To support Central Bank's Okanagan Food Challenge and all other Okanagan accommodations to meet or win our contribution!" Says Sharon Lewis, CEO of the Kenate Hotel Kelowna, Convention Center.

A family on Fuller Avenue in Calleone thank their fortified stars this morning after surviving fire in the bedroom early Wednesday morning.

Fire Kelowna responded to the 911 call to report the bedroom fire in Fuller's 800 block block just before 1:00

The flame appeared in the second-floor bedroom, and firemen could see smoke smashing through a window.

After they entered the building they found the fire that had entered the house.

The teams unloaded the video house and the place is safe.

Social emergency services were offered to the owners, but it was denied that the house was still considered habitable.

Tim Light, Platoon Captain Kelowna Kelowna, says Castanet, "The fire was accidental in the original and no one was injured."

Kelowna fire department responded with 4 engines and 1 rescue vehicle command unit and safety vehicles.

The light also says "smoke detectors save lives, be sure to check your detector batteries on a regular basis."


Madison Erhardt

It has been more than a decade since Kirk Trevi lost the baseball championship ring in western Canada, a crazy property he thought he would never see again.

"I played football with a friend at Dorothy Walker Elementary School, and I did not have a pocket, so I gave my ring to my friend, and after we finished he went to get the ring back, and it's gone," said Trevor.

Trevie and his friend searched the field for four hours but could not find the ring. They returned the next day and were still empty-handed.

"It's been years, and whenever I drove near school I would think about the ring and wonder what happened to it," he said.

But last week, Torby's parents had received a strange phone call from a couple he had asked about their son.

"They called and asked my number in baseball, and then, when everything was equal, they found out they had found my ring," said Trevor.

The couple, Carol and Paul Snyder, are members of the Okanagan Treasure Hunting Club.

It was Coke Snyder who recognized the ring.

"The ring engraved his name inside, which allowed me to start looking, if this information was not there, I had no way to find the owner," Carroll said.

"When I first discovered that he lost the ring 15 years ago, I was amazed that he was still there in school, and only being able to connect with him to give it was simply amazing," she added.

Trevie says he can not thank the couple.

"I never expected to see this thing again, it was a little chewy, but it's still in good shape, apparently they found it six centimeters in the ground.

Trevie says he plans to donate to the treasure hunters as a thank you.

JoeAnna's house was the biggest winner after the Inner Savings Sunrise Rotary RibFest dropped a check for $ 27,780.00.

The Rotary Club of Kelowna is the main sponsor of RibFest, along with the Internal Credit Savings Association, Save Foods, Montana's Bar & Bar, and Landstar Development Corp., which also attended the celebration.

"We want to thank all of our sponsors, community, volunteers and everyone who participated in the" Sunrise Rotary RibFest 2018 "event for their contribution, and we look forward to a bigger and better event on August 23-25, 2019." Maribeth Friesen, president of the Rotary Club Sunrise.

The Canadian Olympic medal Jennifer Heil will lead the Canadian culinary championship at the Finland championship in Calona in February.

And the Canadian rock bands Willowick will appear on the event on February 2.

Heil won first gold for Canada in 2006 Winter Games in Turin, Italy, and silver in 2010 games in Vancouver.

The Grand Finale at the Delta Grand Hotel is the culmination of two days of competition among the 11 best chefs of Canada.

Competitors of 2019 include:

  • British Columbia – Takashi Ito, Aura Restaurant on the Beach + Patio, Victoria
  • Edmonton – Dwina Morico, RGE RD
  • Calgary – Dave Bohatty, Morita
  • Saskatchewan – Christopher Hill, Taste Restaurant Group
  • Winnipeg – The Sea of ​​Priesen, Merchant Cuisine
  • Toronto – Elia Herrera, Los Colibris
  • Ottawa / Gatineau – Yannick Lassalle, Restaurant Les Fougères
  • Montreal – Jason Morris, Pastel
  • New Brunswick and PEI – Irwin MacKinnon, Papa G., Charlottetown
  • Nova Scotia – Thomas Carey, Terry Twenty-one, Dartmouth
  • Newfoundland – Katie Hayes, Social Club Bonavista

Tickets for this, along with the Friday Match Wine Matching Contest, Black Competition and competition are available at

"We are excited to close the two-day competition with Canadian Rockers Chilliwack for this private concert for 600 guests who will be attending our grand finale competition," says Lisa Pasin, co-founder of Canada's Great Kitchen Party and the Canadian Culinary Championship.

"We are equally pleased that the Canadian athlete and medalist Jennifer Heil will share stories and host the evening of intense competition, food larger than our 11 competitors and will help us raise funds for our three beneficiaries of B2ten, MusiCounts and community food centers in Canada.

Despite its detractors, the new tourist center of Kelowna was a hit.

Kelowna Tourism Corporation announced today (Tuesday) during its annual meeting that the port center attracted 108,000 visitors in its first six months of operation.

The goal was to attract 100,000 visitors a year.

"We are proud of our achievements and appreciate that we have an amazing operational team and a mixed volunteer council composed of working people, each representing different elements in our industry but all coming together in the interests of the target," Kelowna Tourism Chairman Tom Killingsworth said in the announcement Releases.

The organization also announced that local tourism occupancy rose 1.3 percent in the past year, despite the summer sky being smoked.

Kelowna tourism believes that was the result of this targeting new markets, including LGBT travel, culinary tourism and local offerings, for authentic cultural seekers.

Kelowna mobile phone shop warns other businesses after a woman runs out without paying her bill.

Kelowna Cell Repair says a woman came into the store to pick up the phone for repair. The bill was $ 170, but she took the device and left the store.

Catherine Pynappels says the staff called the police about the incident, which happened on Monday, but did not locate the woman.

"We urge this person to return to the store to settle the bill or return the device so that we can cancel our work," she said.

They added this type of loss is detrimental to small businesses.

Anyone who has information should contact the police.


Former CEO of the CVC Okanagan Hospice has made a habit of stealing from the dying people.

Susan Stein, 71, was in court in Calona on Tuesday when she was charged with theft and fraud of more than $ 5,000 for stealing more than $ 109,000 from the hospice association. But this is not her first time at B.C. Court.

In November 2017 he was charged with theft and fraud for stealing money from the Nanaimo community hospice organization. Justin was hired as CEO of Nanyomu in December 2016, after serving six years as the charity's chief executive officer.

Stein admitted to Nanaimo in April and is scheduled to be tried on December 20.

The charges in the Nanaimo affair occurred between December 1, 2016 and June 13, 2017, suggesting that she began stealing almost immediately after she was hired.

It seems that Steen took up a position as CEO of the Yalewak hospice company for a short period of time between Calleona and Nanaimo.

Prior to her role with the CVC Okanagan Hospice, the Chilliwack Hospice Society and the Nanaimo Community Hospice Community, Stein was Director General of Central and South Okangen / Similkameen United Way and President of Rotary Club of Kelowna Okanagan Mission.

Steen and her defendant in the Kelowna case, Melanie Gray, are scheduled to appear later in Calvary on January 8.

Source: 10:50

The former CEO and office manager at Okanagan Hospital Association were added to the Kelowna Court Tuesday, facing charges of $ 179,000 combined theft from the charity.

Susan Steen and office manager Melanie Gray were wiped out last month with over $ 5,000 scam stealing over $ 5,000 after the missing money was noticed in 2017 and informed board members in June that June.

Justin allegedly stole $ 109,878 from July 2012 through April 2016 through cash advances on the Hospice's credit card association, while Gray was accused of stealing $ 69,043 through cash advancements and purchases through a charity credit card from February 2013 to November 2015.

Steen is also facing fraud under the $ 5,000 charge for making a cell phone claim of $ 71.

On Tuesday the two women appeared in the courtyard of Kelowna. Although more than a month has passed since they were tried and released on bail, none of them retained a lawyer, and their case was adjourned to 8 January.

Gray told the court she would promise a lawyer "as soon as I can come with the superior."

The Okanagan Center Hospice Association, founded in 1981, offers free services to the dying or grieving.

Justin is also the former Managing Director of the South and Central Ocean / Similkameen United Way and former President of Rotary Club of Kelowna Okanagan Mission.

A guilty plea could be in sight in the case of a former high school teacher at the University of Boise, who was imposed on the child to seduce and sexually assault.

Bradley Foreman is currently under house arrest for 24 hours after being charged with sexual assault, two counts of sexual exploitation of a young man, seducing a child and trying to distort justice, along with several charges of violating conditions on the previous bail.

On Tuesday, Crown Prosecutor David Grabbeck told the court in Kelowna that he had offered Furman a "draft resolution" or a plea bargain instead of going to trial. Details of the proposed transaction are unknown.

Last week, a court in parliament told the court that he intended to plead guilty and would ask for a psychiatric assessment before the verdict, but it was not clear what suit he was referring to.

Despite what Foreman's attorney said last week, Grabbeck said on Tuesday he did not know if Furman was going to accept his proposal or whether the case would go on trial.

The case was postponed on Thursday, when Furman is expected to present his intentions.

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