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& # 39; Penalty & # 39; Season 2 Harp is an alternative fundamentalist Christian

The first season of The Punisher See "Marvell Vigilante" opposes a corrupt CIA operative and former ally who conspired to kill his family. But the last villain in the Netflix series will be a bit more topical.

In a new report by Collider, we finally learned more about the last enemy of Castle Frank for The Punisher Season 2, a character named John Pilgrim played by actor George Stewart. The harp was described as "right-wing," a term associated with white nationalism and extreme conservatives.

"outside, [John Pilgrim] He's a Christian fundamentalist who was furious, a violent side of him, "Stuart said." He's buried deep. I think where all this is headed, this type of it is going to cost a bit. "

The pilgrim is said to be unlike Billy Russo, who will return for Season 2 as a crazy enemy and more excited for Frank Castle.

While Russo will appear in the new season, he is not going under the name of a puzzle. Instead, this term will apply to the soul of the character after the events of the first season.

"He tries to connect what happened to him and who he is, and the metaphor at one point is that his brain is the puzzle he is trying to bring back the pieces," actor Ben Bernes told Collider.

As for the man himself, Frank Castle will not do some punishment from going to go. It will take the actions of John Pilgrim and his allies to draw the violent side of Frank Castle out into the open. But when Cassel wears the skull-embroidered vest, it will be a nil moment.

"This year, when he wears it, we have realized a very intelligent, very tactical reason, a very tactical and psychologically reason to wear it, it makes a lot of sense," said Frank Castle actor actor Jon Branthal.

They work hard on the events of Season 1, which almost had a scene against the record of The Punisher And finally he put the skull on his chest.

"There will be a whole scene with micro-where they are at the computer calculating [the suit] "Said Brenthal," this will be the first time with him in his bra. [Micro] "I just drink tea and I'm like," You can not do it, it'll look so dumb. "

We'll get to see how it all fries when The Punisher Sometime on Netflix sometime in January 2019.

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