Wednesday , August 4 2021

A rat found soup at a popular Vancouver restaurant (video)

A rat in soup
pisun_ne_ne / Instagram

A woman produced a video of a boiled rat in a bowl of bread that had been served in the Battle of the Audrey Park for her instagram account.

Since the video advertising the restaurant has received an onslaught of calls and announcements, Vancouver Coastal Health conducts an ongoing investigation. What's more, a second restaurant, Mami Taylor, will be closed as a result of the incident.

Vancouver is Awesome talked to Ashton Phillips, owner of Cancer Park Chowdery, who says he's a total loss on how it happened.

"We are constantly trying to understand how it happened, we promise everything is clean and we adhere to the food safety measures set by the Vancouver Coastal Health," he said.

"She showed the picture at 3 or 4 in the afternoon, but she did it after giving her a $ 100 gift. We talked right after she found the creature and it looked like we were in friendly conditions – since I could not catch her."

He also commented that the cook who works at the time of the incident is very upset.

"I trust her completely – she's been here for a year and she's amazing … Moreover, the ladle we use to steal is an eight ounce ladle – that rat was around six inches and it just does not work out."

Phillips added that the negative response to the video was incessant, when people made one terrible review after another.

Vancouver is Awesome also talked to Tiffany Akins, communication leader, Vancouver Beach Health explaining that the soup itself was not done at Crab Park Chowdery.

"The soup was made by Mami Taylor, and then sent to the Cary Park, and as such, we conducted an investigation by Mami Taylor and found evidence for the rodents – there were dung," she explained.

"The establishment closes and will remain closed until it rises to the level." Crab Park Chowdery will remain open, however. "

While Crab Park Chowdery will not be able to use Mami Taylor's to do their chowders, they have a truck and food that they are allowed to cook in. However, the restaurant noted that they are now looking for an additional commercial kitchen to use.

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