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Actress Sandra Ho for her posterity, the challenges she faces and her cryptic "shouts" to Canadians

Was the year of the Golden Globe forever. Her actor's award for the Guild Award. Last year my mother breakthrough candidate. And star performance recently on Saturday Night Live. After years of hard work, Sandra Ho has been raking conscious lately.

But getting appreciation from her native state with the prestigious award of performing arts and performing arts, has special significance Kill Eve A star, coming from the capital of the state.

"You always want your career to start with such an opportunity, but you really have to work on it for 30 years," Oh said NationalOf Rosemary Burton during an interview to sit in Ottawa before a Friday ceremony. "It forces me – because I'm not really good at it – to be proud of things."

The Korean-Canadian actress, known for her role as Dr. Christina Young on the medical drama of the hit Grey's Anatomy From 2005 to 2014, there is much to be proud of.

"Wait" it took years to achieve

She is currently starring as an MI5 officer for Eve and an obsessive politician with a psychopathic assassin on the acclaimed BBC American review series Kill Eve.

She has taken home multiple awards for the role, including the Golden Globe and the Grail selection of visitors.

And she also became the first Asian woman to be nominated for the Emmy 2018 category of the leading actress in the drama series.

Bump path is not without hurdles

The actress, who made a name for herself, succeeds in both the drama and the comedy, said if this is indeed a "moment" in her long career, she only came after dealing with a large number of barriers.

Oh remembered at the 1995 meeting when she tried to build a career in Hollywood after gaining recognition there in Canada. She said a potential agent told her to "go home" and "go get famous" before returning to Los Angeles, unlike many non-Asian players who were able to break out more easily.

Watch as Sandra Ho reflects on her last prize:

Canadian actor Sandra Ho talks about what it means for her to be recognized with the Governor General's Performing Arts Award. 0:52

"I'm referring to it as the natural progression of a white actress," said O. "I try to follow a similar path and someone tells you, 'You have no room for you.'"

This encounter affected her so much that when she hosted the Golden Globe Awards in January, being the first person of Asian descent to do so, she made sure to identify the "face of change" in the audience in her monologue.

Oh, who shared the Golden Globe Awards in January with actor comedian Andy Samberg, took a moment on stage to get to know the diversity in the audience with films like Black Panther and Asians Crazy. (Chris Pizzlow / Envis / Associated Press)

"I knew when I wrote it and worked with writers, it could be some of the most important words I say because it's such a big platform," she said.

"The change is slow but I experienced it because I was in such rooms in the past, I was the only person of color in a very wide radius. Black Panthers Just like Rome Was in the room – I had to take care of him. "

Her dress on SNL There was a code

She also held herself near her host comedian, Andy Samberg, and the pigmaker paved the way for the ultimate improvised challenge: hospitality Saturday Night Live.

Oh's performance on the comedy sketch series in March received mostly positive reviews. She even managed to cultivate her Canadian roots in the opening monologue and sketches.

Watch as Hu talks to Rosemary Burton:

Canadian actor Sandra Ho talks to Barton's national rosemary about wearing a T-shirt with the CBC logo during the Saturday Night Live Entertainment. 0:33

Oh, who was wearing a CBC signature logo shirt while viewing the evening of a musical guest, said she wanted to make a "shoutout to my Canadian peeps."

"I just thought, No one will really know it unless you're from Canada," she said.

In fact, no one recognized the symbol on the set, she said. No one, I mean SNLSenior producer Lauren Michaels – Knack.

Watch the full interview of Rosemary Burton with Sandra Ah, Sunday night at National. 9 pm. On the CBC news network, at 10:00 on CBC TV (10:30 NT).

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