Thursday , May 13 2021

Air India suffers from Rs3 billion losses as Pakistan Air closes

Air space has remained closed to and from India since the outbreak of hostilities on a Polawama attack.

Air India has suffered losses of around Rs3 billion (rs300 crore) since the end of February as its long flights from New Delhi take more time to reach destinations in Europe, the Gulf and the United States because of the closing of Pakistan's airspace.

The Pakistani The air space remains closed to traffic To and from India since the outbreak of hostilities between the two countries following the attack on Pulwama in Jammu and Kashmir on 14 February.

With its operating jet from New Delhi spending more time in air, Air India is causing a daily loss of the Rs6 crore on extra fuel burn, staff and reduced flight crew expenses.

The National Carrier has contacted the civil aviation office to ensure that it is compensated for the loss, because the airline can not pull out these flights because of various commitments.

"Air India told us about it, it was taken with all concerned," said an office source.

Air India flights to the US from Delhi now take 2-3 hours more in one direction due to restrictions on Pakistan's airspace.The flights to Europe take almost two hours longer resulting in a financial loss.

The closure of air space following an Indian Air Force air strike on the JM terrorist camp in Belkut, Pakistan, on February 27, affected most airlines from Europe and the United States, which operate flights to and from New Delhi.

Almost all air traffic from Southeast Asia to Europe has also been affected and will pass through northern India and Pakistan onwards.

The US airline has temporarily suspended the Delhi-Newark flight and is following the situation.

The leading German flag Lufthansa said earlier that ties to Bangkok and Singapore would also hurt other than operations to India.

"We are already preparing customized routes and increasing the amount of additional fuel in the event of delays, and we must also ensure traffic rights for the new route," the airline said, closing Pakistan's airspace.

An air official in India said that the airline has significant operations in Europe and North America and the diversion of flights due to the closure of Pakistan's airspace has so far resulted in a total loss of Rs3b.

"The losses on baggage restraints and cancellations alone are about 2.75 Carter rupees per day, and the longer the flight affects the working hours of cabinet and airline employees," he said.

"Other airlines have the ability to pull out services in such situations but as a national carrier we can not do that," the official added.

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