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An Egyptian actress can go to jail wearing a revealing dress


Renia Yosef faces five years if convicted.

The successful actress Renia Yosef (l) and the Egyptian Amir Abd Al-Galil (R) as they present during the premiere of the film 'Ant comb' (Lunge of a Scream) Cairo Egypt 01 June 2011 The film was chosen to be featured in the 2011 Cannes Film Festival It looks like one of the first about 2011 The popular uprising in Egypt is by the Egyptian director Sameh Abd al-Aziz and written by Tareq Abd al-Galil Egypt Cairo Cairo Cinema June

Rania Yosef (L) and Omar Abdel Galil (R) in 2011

Mohammed Omer / EPA / REX / Shutterstock

The successful actress, Rania Yosef, is in legal jeopardy after wearing an evening dress for the closing ceremony of the Cairo Film Festival earlier this week. Following a complaint by a group of Egyptian lawyers, she is accused of inciting "immorality and drug promotion" and of committing a crude act, "incitement to condemn and seduce" and "spreading a lieutenant in ways that violate norms established in Egyptian society."

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Joseph's trial is scheduled to begin on January 12, and if convicted, the actress faces up to five years in prison.

as per Samer al-Arush, Such experiments are "fairly common" and "usually arise from complaints by bold lawyers or attention.In one case the writer Muhammad Ahmad Nagy was jailed because a complainant said that he had a heart palpitations when he read a cubic segment in the section of The novel by Nagy.

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Joseph is well-known in Egypt for her role in Wahad Shaha, Rakalem and Az Ashab, among others. Video of her walking the red carpet while wearing the spoken dress can be seen below:

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