Thursday , January 21 2021

And relaunched on iOS with a subscription model and powerful performance features

Algoriddim has announced the next generation of its DJ software for iOS called Djay. The company has made some major changes to the plan, including how you pay for it. The old version cost $ 20 on the iPad and $ 10 on the iPhone; The new version is free between the two devices with optional subscription. That the subscriber unlocks features like access to sample and loop libraries and support for loads of MIDI controllers of popular brands.

The program is designed for both professional DJ enthusiasts and allows users to mix music completely within the application or using external connected hardware controllers. For an app, it was expensive, but it came with loads of features that raised it into professional software space. Not only did he offer things like library organizing tools and keyboard mapping to appeal to regular gigging CDs, but it also had options appeal to casual users, such as a good automix AI fix that you can set up on a home party and leave alone a fish DJ for the night.

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All that was the old app Djay is available in the new app Djay, but it beefed up. It still attracts music from various sources on your computer, like iTunes playlists. Spotify Premium Integration is still around, but it's enhanced: Now you can save songs to your Spotify collection or playlists from the Djay app. You can still set loops and hint points, sort songs in a variety of ways, and there are even more effects to ask for when you're DJing. There are still options to mix videos as well, with built-in transitions and reactive visualizers. Naturally, the visual interface of the application received a brilliant overall refresh. It saved all the same signs and made it a real competitor like Pro DJ software, but it added it.

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Automix AI, the way of application of intelligence mixing music in itself without human interaction, is also still present. It has a new simple mix display, and it ensures that the software will be able to select songs and create a "perfect sound mixes" between them at the click of a button.

There is also a lot of this brand new with this version of Djay, which greatly increases the capabilities of the application for those who want to get beyond the straight DJing tracks. It now has access to the library with over 1GB of samples, loops, and FX from established brands like Sugar Beats and Loopmasters. To take advantage of these, the new sampler allows recording and sequence loops while mixing. Going a step further, there is also a new Looper based network with 48 slots that can be loaded with loops that will automatically stretch the time to match the beat in real time. So you can use it at home for drafting song ideas, or to run these loops and samples during groups for more complex instances. Also, (yay!) Has the industry standard Ableton Link to synchronize the rate across compatible applications and common network devices.

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Algoriddim also designed the new Djay application around some of Apple's latest specifications. The USB-C port of the iPad Pro allows users to connect multiple devices at once, allowing, for example, output of the visual mix to a large screen using an external controller. Meanwhile, the iPhone's Bionic A12 processor allows the DJ and VJs to mix up to 10 videos and loops in real-time without the need for a laptop.

Basically, as we have said in the past, there is so much that this application can do that it is almost impossible to pass on any specification. And every release makes it a more expensive tool not only as a professional software, but for those who want to get closer to DJing from a starting point of view. Here's where the new subscription model comes into play: many of these new features, more powerful DJ Gigging will be available only if you're paying for ProGen's new Pro layer.

In a blog post, the company says it changes to a subscription model to give more people access to the app, so it can be better maintained for Pro users. Layer Free comes with two classic deck mode for DJing and Five Effects, Automix AI Mixing, iTunes and Spotify Integration, Ableton Sync and Tempo Sync, and support for five controllers (Relope MyCon 4, Beatpad and Beatpad 2, Mixtour, and Pioneer DDJ-WeGO4).

The professional enrollment level adds custom playlists, including intelligent playlist filtering, multiple alternate views (like one with four decks), VJ mixing display, advanced MIDI capabilities for mapper mapping, MIDI via Bluetooth, support for more than 50 other controllers, Multi-channel, Advanced Automix AI, and Looper performance mode.

Algoriddim's Djay app is now available on the iOS App Store for free. The new Standard Pro Subscription Price for Djay is $ 4.99 per month or $ 39.99 per year. If you are an existing customer of any Djay version for iOS, Algoriddim will give you a special discount of $ 9.99 for your first year Pro subscription.

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