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Arrangements to combat flying fatigue – News Canada

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The federal government is enacting new tough measures to address increasing problems regarding tired flight crews on commercial aircraft.

New regulations will set lower limits for the number of hours a pilot can be in the air on duty before taking a break.

The government plans to allow suppliers who have more time to meet these hours to create fatigue management systems to reduce risks.

Transport Minister Mark Granau says the systems will provide unique airlines, such as those in the north, with some flexibility.

Canada will help airlines develop the new programs.

New laws also be introduced to ban alcohol consumption for flight crew members 12 hours prior to duty, an increase from eight hours.


Dec 12, 2018 / 07:54 am | a story:

Just for laughs founder Gilbert Rowzon was accused of rape and indecent assault.

Quebec's Director of Criminal and Penalty Claims announced the two charges in the statement today.

They stem from the claims of a single complainant since 1979. The charges assumed to fit the wording of the criminal law at the time of the alleged attack.

The prosecution service says 13 other cases of criminal complaints against Rozon will not bring charges.

This tells the women who made the complaints informed about the reasons why no charges were imposed.

Rowson faces a class action lawsuit of $ 10 million, alleging that he abused at least 20 women between 1982 and 2016. He died as president of Just For Laughs last year.

Dec 12, 2018 / 5:40 am | a story:

China plays a hard ball with the arrest of a former Canadian diplomat days after Canada arrested a senior Chinese executive.

In many ways it seems like a classic Chinese reaction to perceived transgressions: to deny any injustice, to seize the moral ground to exert maximum pressure to extract concessions. But Beijing's arrest also reflects an increasingly bold approach to international conflicts under President Shi Jiefing, who oversaw a vast expansion of China's diplomatic, military and economic power.

China has often reacted against foreign governments and corporations in diplomatic disputes, but rarely by holding a foreign citizen.

Kovrig was arrested on Monday in Beijing after the Chinese government summoned Canadian Ambassador John MacAlum over the weekend to protest the arrest on 1 December in Vancouver of Meng Wangzhu, chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies, The world's largest supplier of network equipment.

McCallum was warned of "serious consequences" if Meng was not released. At the end of last week, she was released on bail pending a decision on whether to extradite her to the United States, where she is wanted in order to avoid sanctions against Iran.

China refused to confirm Kubrig's arrest, and Foreign Ministry spokesman Luo Kang repeatedly ignored reporters' wishes, saying he had nothing to offer.

However, said Lu Crisis Group, for whom Kovrig works in Hong Kong as an analyst, was not registered in China and its activities in the country will be illegal.

Kubrig's case is unusual, but commercial retaliation against companies from broken countries to Beijing over political or military issues has become more and more common when China operates its leverage as the world's second largest economy.

Earlier it emerges that China will surrender only when it makes its way.

In 2015, a Canadian couple were arrested in northeast China accused of espionage following the arrest of a Canadian man accused of stealing US aviation secrets for China.

Lia and Kevin Garrett, both long-term residents of China, were released months later after the alleged spy, Su Bin, allowed himself to be extradited to the United States where he took a plea bargain.

Five years earlier, as Xi was preparing to take over the Secretary General of the Party, China arrested four employees of the Japanese construction company Fujita following the arrest in Japan of the captain of the Chinese fishing vessel whose ship collided with Japanese coast guard boats near disputed islands in the East China Sea.

The four were released only after Japan allowed the captain to return home.


11 December 2018 / 09:59 | a story:

Anastasia Marcelin, originally from Haiti, says she became active after seeing how the city police took care of her three younger brothers in their neighborhood in northern Montreal.

She was part of a group of citizens at City Hall Tuesday, who expressed little confidence as police in Montreal unveiled her latest plan to prevent racial profiling by her officers.

"The moment a young black man gets a car, the harassment begins," Marcellin said in an interview, referring to the family and friends who had police with the police.

"I lived in northern Montreal for 15 years, and I witnessed the police destroy the lives of young people."

Police Chief Silvain Karon and other officers presented the council members with a 2018-21 plan of force to prevent racial profiling.

The program is short on details, but it includes steps to hire more visible minorities and build stronger ties with community groups.

It also includes a long-awaited promise to begin collecting and analyzing data on complaints against officers accused of racial profiling.

"There is a desire to continue working (to prevent racial profiling)," Karon said to a question from the audience. "We want to do more."

Marcellin called the program a "joke". According to her, the police promised for years to address complaints about a racist profile and "nothing has changed."

Most of the questions from people in the council cell reflected frustration and anger with the police.

Many people said that little has changed in the way the police act towards people living in the neighborhoods of Montreal and Saint-Michel, both of whom have a significant minority of visible minorities.

Chairman of the General Security Committee, Alex Norris, said that the police plan includes "concrete and tangible" steps to deal with this issue, especially with regard to collecting profile data.

"We have reason to be optimistic," Norris said.

Also on Tuesday, a lawyer from the Black Coalition of Quebec announced that he was seeking approval for a class action against the city of Montreal for allegedly racist methods of the police.

Key-Eric Salpent said he is looking for $ 4 million in damages from the city on behalf of people who claim they have been selected by city cops because of their race.

The chief prosecutor is Alexander Lamontagne, a man of Haitian origin. He says he was arrested by the police for no reason in August 2017, according to the lawsuit, a copy which was obtained by the Canadian press.

The prosecution claims that some 500 people came forward on the grounds that they were arbitrarily arrested and arrested by the police between two and eight hours.

According to Slavnet, the lawsuit will be filed in the coming days after court documents are submitted to it.

Slavant joined the city hall by Gabriel Bazin, vice president of the Black Coalition, who told reporters that both had recently been a racist propylene.

Bazin said that they were inside BMW's Salwent in downtown Montreal and were tracked and arrested by the police.

"When they arrested him, you know what the first question they asked was, 'What are you doing for a living?'" Bazin said. "That's what we're living."

A police spokeswoman for the Montreal police said she would not respond to the class action because she was facing the courts.

11 December 2018 / 09:31 | a story:

Early release from prison was canceled for a drunk driver who was behind the wheel of a stolen truck when she killed two teenagers in Saskatoon and badly wounded a third.

Chen Peetetuce, who is 25, was sentenced in June 2015 to six years after pleading guilty to criminal negligence including causing death and criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

Peetetuce almost doubled the legal limit of alcohol in the blood when it broadened the car of teenagers as it ran away and a cop tried to pull her.

James Paul Huggie and Sarah Wensley, both 17 years old, were killed and a 16-year-old girl was seriously injured.

In May, Patitose was given a statutory release from Edmonton prison after two thirds of her sentence, but her freedom included a condition that she would be under curfew.

A policeman sent to inspect her in August did not find her at home and she was arrested a few weeks later in order to break through her release conditions.

The Parole Commission of Canada held a hearing on November 30 to determine whether Peetetetuce would be required to serve the remainder of its original trial in addition to the 30 days it received for the violation.

Documents received by CKOM Radio in Saskatoon show that she told the board she had missed her curfew check because she was babysitting for someone who could not get home in time.

She said she was afraid she would be sent back to jail, so she chose not to come home.

The Parole Board praised Pietetuce for its participation in programming since she returned to prison, but canceled her statutory release because "the circumstances surrounding you were under your control."

Peetetetuce has about a year left to serve.

David Wensley, Sarah's father, said CKOM is not thinking Peetetuce will ever rebuild.

"I wish she was … remorseful, so remorseful for what she did … but it does not look like she's going that way," said Wensley.

The court heard the Peetetuce was barrling through a junction at 90 km / h and made no attempt to brake when it hit the car of the victims.

James and Sarah went to a high school practice.

Peetetuce, who was 21 at the time of the crash, had three early convictions for stealing vehicles.

The defense said that Peetetuce was born to an alcoholic mother who neglected her children and left her to live with relatives. At one point her stepmother tried to drown her.

The first Peetetuce was a 16-year-old boy and then a son in 2013. The defense said that she learned through Facebook that her son suffers from an overdose of opium while in the care of his father and she had to make a decision to take the child off for life support.

A 17 year old passenger who was in a truck with Peetetuce was sentenced to three years under the Youth Youth Criminal Act for her role in the crash.

December 11, 2018 / 8:59 pm | a story:

The crew of the Canadian warship in the Pacific were first-row seats for potential violations of UN sanctions against North Korea during a recent tour of the East China Sea – but the command was not intercept any suspicious vessel, the ship commander says.

Team members at HMCS Calgary instead took photos and collected more information, Cmdr. Blair Celtel said Tuesday.

"We have seen a number of ship transfers to the sea and by marking – based on the intelligence we had – some of them were related to … potential violators of these sanctions," Seltel said.

"We kept the distance, and it (accordingly) with all the access to the operation, we photographed, we passed this information to the high authorities, and the expectation is that it can be used for legal sanctions."

HMCS Calgary is the first Canadian military ship deployed to the region after the federal government agreed earlier this year to help the US and its other allies storm the smuggling aimed at undermining sanctions on North Korea.

Western security officials have accused Russia and China of exporting oil to North Korea – or at least turning a blind eye to their companies – which would cause sanctions to be violated. Both countries denied the charge.

While the Canadian frigate did not intercept any vessels, Sultel said the very presence of a Western warship was enough in some cases to cause other vessels to turn around and run.

"I have mentioned in some cases that the transfers will take shape very quickly, and they will have to flee, so our presence disrupted some of the transfers, but we had no intention of doing anything as strong as boarding or blocking a ship."

Calderi's temporary support ship, MV Asterix, wraps up the six-month deployment in the Pacific Ocean outside Asia, where they also participated in several multinational military exercises and visited several countries.

One of the main goals was to prove Canada's maritime presence in part of the world, which is becoming increasingly important for Canadian prosperity and international security.

Celtel said the deployment included a shadow by the Chinese navy ships in southern and eastern China, which has become routine for Western military ships operating in the region amid growing tensions over rival territorial territories.

The United States, the United Kingdom, and other allies have made sure to sail close to controversial islands and disputed waters by China, provoking a number of close conversations and tense emotions, as they put her muscles in her.

The situation in the South China Sea, in particular, was compared to a barrel of powder, as the Chinese and American vessels almost collided when the US Navy conducted "freedom of navigation" activities.

Celtel said he did not do such a thing, and while the Calgary HMCS did sail at Spratly disputed islands, its course was designed to save fuel and not send a message to China.

The Canadian officer said his Chinese "shadows" behaved professionally and "never came at a distance I was not sure."

11 December 2018 / 3:32 pm | a story:

A senior manager of the Chinese technology giant Huawei, who was arrested in Vancouver, received a guarantee.

And Wang Wong, asked by the United States for claims that the company made trade sanctions against Iran.

Judge William Arca of the Supreme Court of British Columbia says he is satisfied with Meng, a business-educated business with letters of reference, not a flight risk.

Meng stopped an order indicating that she had committed fraud because Huawei used Skycom unofficially to do business with Iranian media companies between 2009 and 2014 in violation of international sanctions.

Hwawi's finance officer, 46, denied the allegations through her lawyer in court and promised to fight them if she turns her face to the charges in the United States.

Meng's lawyer, David Martin, found some friends and partners to guarantee the client's character and offer financial guarantees that she would not run away.

Further guarantees were required after Arka asked if her husband, Liu Xiaozhong, could sign a guarantee.

The court heard that Liu lives in Vancouver on a six-month visit visa Ehrcke claim form to provide a financial guarantee must be provided by a resident of B.C.

December 11, 2018 / 12:14 | a story:

Alberta Premier Rachel Nutley says the county is looking for an expression of interest in building a new refinery.

Nutelli says a new refinery makes sense for Alberta where oil is sold at a bargain basement price due to unrest and lack of pipeline capacity to reach the market.

While the rest of the world sells its oil at around $ 50 a barrel, Nutelli has said that Alberta brings only $ 10.

According to her, the successful refinery proposal will create jobs and include consultation with the indigenous community.

Takers say any offer must also show a strong return on investment for Alberta.

Proposals must be submitted by February 8th.

"We'll be careful, we'll be careful, we'll make it business sense," said Nutelli on Tuesday. "The new refining capacity is part of the solution, I will be excited to hear what companies intend."

The takers have been instructed to cut the mandatory oil production, which is 8.7% of the output to reduce fermentation. The cuts are due to end on December 31, 2019.

Alberta is also planning to buy up to 80 locomotives and 7,000 tankers to transport the excess oil from markets to address address markets and bottleneck.

The expansion project of Trans Mountain, which had a triple capacity for B.C. Beach, is in limbo legally though approved two years ago, when Ottawa repeats its effects on the nation's first and marine environment of BC.

December 11, 2018 / 11:54 | a story:

Alberta's first nation is suing the county for development credentials that the band says threaten a sacred land that the government promised to protect.

Fort McKay First Nation filed suit at Edmonton Court last weekend.

This means that Alberta has confirmed or is about to confirm the developments in the cross on Lake Moss.

The first nation says that the area is one of the last remaining traditional territory where it can continue traditional methods.

The government issued a draft plan in February that will offer the region a little protection.

But during the summer, the provincial energy regulator fine project oils that will come within two miles of the lake.

None of the government was immediately available for comment.

December 11, 2018 / 09:53 | a story:

Donald Trump's envoy to Canada says immigration in China has worrisome consequences for workers in North America, but she says the American pursuit of Hwaii is a separate legal matter.

Ambassador Kelly Craft says there is no political motive behind the controversial arrest of Meng Wong, chief financial officer of the Chinese media company and daughter of its founder.

However, according to Craft, her government has insisted on a new provision for the US-Mexico-Canada agreement to strengthen the continent's economy vis-à-vis China, and the controversial new clause calls on all three North American partners to inform each other whether they are engaged in free trade talks With a market economy, which many understand that China.

Craft had spoken to reporters in Ottawa today, when a Meng hearing on a CV in Vancouver. Canada stopped Meng on December 1 at the Vancouver airport at the request of the United States and caused a significant disruption of relations between North America and China, and the United States wants him to stand trial for possible trade sanctions against Iran.

The arrest came on the same day to Presidents Donald Trump and President Jiangping agreeing to a 90-day ceasefire in the tariff war on Beijing's technology policy. This has raised concern that trade talks may be delayed, but Beijing pointed Tuesday they are going forward.

Earlier in the day, China's foreign minister pledged to protect its citizens abroad, "do not spare any effort" to protect against "any bullying that violates the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens," Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at a conference in Shanghai.

Wang did not mention Meng in the name. A spokesman for the Chinese government said Wang refers to all cases of overseas Chinese, including of Meng.

11 December 2018 / 09:49 | a story:

Relations between Canada and China were evacuated on Tuesday following reports that the Chinese detention of a former Canadian diplomat and a court in Vancouver renewed the debate over whether to grant bail to a Chinese administrator who was jailed.

But tensions between the US and China have calmed down somewhat as the world's two largest economies have confirmed they are working on talks to resolve a commercial dispute that has shaken the financial markets and threatened a slowdown in global economic growth.

Relations between the three countries were shaken by the December 1 arrest of Mang Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Chinese media giant Huawei and daughter of its founder. Canadian authorities arrested Meng during a stop at the Vancouver airport at the request of the United States. The United States accuses Wavay of violating US economic sanctions against Iran.

Huawei's case threatened to complicate US efforts to China to resolve a bitter trade dispute.

But the Chinese government said yesterday that its economic tsar discussed plans with US Treasury Secretary Stephen Manoch and trade negotiator Robert Ligeyzer for talks aimed at reconciling differences between the two countries. Heling's office confirmed that he had spoken on the phone with Chinese Vice President Liu Hu.

The news that the negotiations on trade may resume the stock markets picked up around the world.

Just as prospects for peace between the United States and China have become clearer, Canada's relations with Beijing have turned around.

According to reports, former Canadian diplomat Michael Kubrig, a senior North East Asian consultant to the International Crisis Group, was arrested in China. Brussels' nongovernmental organization said in a statement that it was doing everything in its power to obtain information about Kovrig's whereabouts and to ensure "his quick and safe release".

Koberg had previously worked as a Canadian diplomat in Beijing and Hong Kong and the United Nations in New York. The Department of Global Affairs of Canada did not respond immediately with a response.

Canada struggled to respond to Meng's arrest. The Canadian province of British Columbia canceled a commercial mission to China, fearing that China would stop the Canadians put pressure on Ottawa for Meng's arrest.

In Vancouver, meanwhile, Meng was to appear in court on Tuesday as she sought release on bail.

נשיא סין, וואנג יי, אמר היום (יום ג ') כי סין לא תחסוך כל ניסיון להגן על "כל בריונות הפוגעת בזכויות הלגיטימיות של האינטרסים של האזרחים הסינים".

וואנג לא הזכיר את מנג. אולם דובר המשרד, לואו קאנג, אמר כי וואנג התכוון למקרים של כל הסינים בחו"ל, כולל של מנג.

וושינגטון מאשימה את Huawei באמצעות חברת פגז הונג קונג למכור ציוד לאיראן תוך הפרת סנקציות בארה"ב. זה אומר מנג ו Huawei טעה בנקים על העסק של החברה באיראן.

בהפגנה עממית שהתעוררה בסכסוכים קודמים עם ארה"ב, יפן, דרום קוריאה וממשלות אחרות, הלאומנים הסינים קראו לצרכנים לתמוך במותגים סיניים. אבל בהתפתחות יוצאת דופן, מספר לא מבוטל של משתמשי אינטרנט ביקר שיחות כאלה כמו פזיז.

Huawei, הספקית הגדולה בעולם של ציוד רשת עבור חברות טלפון ואינטרנט, היא היעד של חששות ביטחוניים בארה"ב. וושינגטון לחצה על מדינות אחרות להגביל את השימוש בטכנולוגיה שלה, מזהירה שהן יכולות להיפתח עד למעקב ולגניבת מידע.

ארה"ב וסין ניסו לשמור על המקרה של מנג בנפרד מסכסוך הסחר הרחב שלהן, אך זעזועים בין חברות ומשקיעים גרמו לשוקי המניות בעולם.

11 בדצמבר 2018 / 9:41 | סיפור:

הממשלה הפדרלית יכולה להעניק חוזה לעצב צי של 60 מיליארד דולר של ספינות מלחמה חדשות, לאחר שבית דין למסחר הפך הזמנה קודמת שלא לסיים את העסקה.

בית הדין הקנדי לסחר בינלאומי הורה לממשלה בחודש שעבר לדחות את הענקת החוזה לעיצוב גבוה עד שתהיה לו הזדמנות לקבוע אם העסקה כשרה.

אבל בית המשפט ביטל צו משלה ביום שני לאחר פקידי הרכש הפדרלי אחראי לפרויקט כתב לומר העסקה היא "דחוף" וכל עיכוב יהיה "בניגוד לאינטרס הציבורי".

ההחלטה סוללת את הדרך לממשלה לחתום על הסכם עם ענקית ההגנה האמריקנית לוקהיד מרטין, שתכנון ספינות המלחמה שלה הכה עוד שניים בעקבות תחרות ארוכה ושנויה במחלוקת.

Alion מדע וטכנולוגיה של וירג 'יניה טען כי העיצוב של לוקהיד, המבוססת על פריגטה בריטית חדשה בשם סוג 26, לא עמד בדרישות של הממשלה.

הצו הראשוני של בית המשפט שלא להעניק חוזה ללוקהיד בא לאחר שאלון ביקש זאת ובית המשפט הפדראלי לקבוע אם יש לסלק את התחרות מס '26.

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